Check-out Darey Art Alade’s New Song Title After Five Years

Check-out Darey Art Alade's New Song Title After Five Years

Darey Art Alade has released a new song after five years.

News Rain reports that after some years of absence in the music scene, Nigerian singer, songwriter, and music producer is back with a new tune. In a recent interview, the multi-talented musicians spoke about discovering the deepest part of his music skill during the pandemic and what inspired his new single ‘Jah Guide Me‘.

He said: “Jah Guide Me’ was written and produced during the lockdown and it represents so much more than just the uncertainties that COVID-19 brought upon us. It represents human frailty and also the economic difficulties we all face as Nigerians. With the rising cost of food, fuel, etc. Our only respite is God hence the lyrics contained within the record.”

What is Darey Art Alade saying about the new song?

Speaking about his genre of music, Alade said: “My genre of music is what I coined Afro&B and is a fusion of African rhythm, soulful lyrics and vocals laced with distinct melodies that pierce the soul.”

According to him, the lockdown period provided some opportunities in the face of the pandemic. As it allowed many musicians to dive deeper into their creativity.

“I discovered more depth. Introspection is the key to uncovering new layers to one’s humanity. Quality time with family was also an added bonus of this pandemic period. In all, I’ve recorded some of my best music to date and can’t wait to share them with the world!” He said.

Darey Art Alade’s father, Modupeola Afolabi “Art” Alade was a jazz musician, TV producer, and host of the famous Bar Beach Show and Art Alade Show of those golden years in Nigerian entertainment.  He passed on when Dare was young.

Darey who took a lot from his dad was already singing at an early age. By the time he was only fifteen years old, he had already started performing in Lagos and Ibadan, as well as other Nigerian cities.
His big break however came when he participated in Project Fame music reality show in 2004. He came third in the competition. Later, he signed a record deal with Sony BMG Africa, but it did not bring him much success.

After leaving the label, he signed with Storm Records and released his first album called “From Me 2 U” in 2007. This album contained a few successful Dare Art Alade songs, including “Escalade” and “Fuji”. The song “Original Naija” was later used as the main theme song for Big Brother Nigeria. This album became successful and won a lot of awards in Nigeria.

He is currently a coach on The Voice Nigeria Season 3 where he is expected to share his experience with the contestants who come onto the platform.

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