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Mile 2 Boils As Lagos Task Force, Tanker Drivers And Touts Clash(See Video)



Mile 2 Boils As Lagos Task Force, Tanker Drivers And Touts Clash(See Video)

An unconfirmed number of persons has been killed due to a clash between the Lagos Task Force, tanker drivers, and touts at Mile 2.

A stranded passerby, Mr. Richard Igbe explained that there was a fight on top of the Mile 2-Oshodi bridge and as a result, they had barricaded the bridge blocking the access road.

Although the actual cause of the fight is yet to be ascertained, Igbe claimed that four persons were killed by gunshots.

According to him, “Mile 2 is on fire, both the task force, tanker drivers, and touts are fighting seriously. I don’t know what caused the fight but I am just hiding at Fagbems Filling station at Mile 2 and watching.

“I am going to work but I am stranded as they barricade the whole of Mile 2 that nobody will pass”, he said.

In a video shared on social media, it was narrated that the area is currently on shutdown and should be avoided by commuters as angry mob may retaliate by attacking anyone seen around.

Riot fire was also seen in the video, passing a signal that no movement can be done in the area at the moment.

“Everywhere is blocked and there is no movement between Mile 2 and Apapa,” another witness informed.

As he was speaking, guns started to boom as the police arrived.

“I cannot see well again; teargas has entered my eyes!” the Special Correspondent wailed as gunshots rent the air and a policeman could be heard ordering him to leave the area.

It was not immediately clear why the truck driver was shot and killed in cold blood.

See video below;


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