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Shaikh Musa Momohsani: A Beacon Of Hope For Every Kogi Indigene



Shaikh Musa Momohsani: A Beacon Of Hope For Every Kogi Indigene

Despite the economic hardship faced generally in the country, the people of Kogi state have fewer things to worry about due to the philanthropic hands of Shaikh Musa Momohsani.

Shaikh Musa Momohsani, who is the CEO of Shaikh Sanicare Foundation, has over the years been the light at the end of the tunnel for the populace of Kogi state.

Through several empowerment programmes, Shaikh Musa has been able to increase the standards of living in significant areas across Kogi state.

Being a Muslim doesn’t limit Shaikh Musa’s mighty humanitarian services, he has been to churches to donate huge amount of money and provide material needs.

Shaikh Musa Momohsani: A Beacon Of Hope For Every Kogi Indigene


The less privileged even in remote areas in the state benefit steadily from Shaikh Sanicare Foundation. He goes about giving food items, clothing materials, paying tuition fees, and placing indigenes on scholarships, to mention but a few.

Even though He is from Njema District In Ankpa Local Government, there is absolutely no local government or district where Shaikh Musa Momohsani hasn’t touched with humanitarian activities.

Apart from his love and gestures for the less privileged, Shaikh Musa has done excellently well in supporting the government in power.

For several years, Shaikh Musa has consistently given his best to any government in power from the state to the local level.

The APC government in the state has benefited largely from the support of Shaikh Musa.

However, Shaikh Musa has said several times that his support for the government isn’t because he wants to gain any favour from them but because he believes that supporting the government is a divine order from God, and with his access, he can also make case for the less privileged in the state.

Before the Yahaya Bello-led administration came on board in Kogi state, Shaikh Musa did extraordinarily well in convincing indigenes of Kogi state to vote for APC on account of the great plans the party has for the state.

Beyond words of mouth, he shared souvenirs on behalf of the then-incoming government and donated a reasonable amount of vehicles to ease movement during the campaign period.

He was recently recognized at the biggest concert in the middlebelt region, Jumabee Inspires, for his humanitarian activities in Kogi state.

This further underscores his impact on the indigenes of Kogi state.

The Yahaya Bello-led administration is gradually winding down and it doesn’t appear Shaikh Musa will stop supporting good governance anytime soon.

He has donated about three branded vehicles to the campaign of APC candidate, Usman Ododo and his running mate, Joel Oyibo.

He has also started mobilizing support for the APC candidate in Ankpa Local Government. He recently held a mini-rally and victory work for the incoming governor and his running mate.

Undoubtedly, Shaikh Musa Momohsani has touched lives in every sector of Kogi state and has continued to be a beacon of Hope for the good people of the state.


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