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Itire Patriot Day: Club Members Celebrate 4th Anniversary, Give Out 150 Jamb Forms To Students



….Donates Generator To Police Station And Free Exercise Books To Students

A non-profit social club, Itire Patriots Club has marked its 4th anniversary by giving back to the community that produced them.

Nestled in Lagos State, South West Nigeria, there’s a lovely place called Itire. It’s not just a peaceful town with busy streets and magnificent buildings; it’s a place where history, culture, and the residents are celebrated in a colourful event known as the Itire Patriot Day.

This special occasion happens every year when the sons of Itire and Itire bred converge to celebrate and also give back to the community that produced them.

Itire patriots are comprised of mature minds, from all walks of life, 40 years and above who lived in the community but share common goals and aspirations towards the community.

Itire Patriot Day: Club Members Celebrate 4th Anniversary, Give Out 150 Jamb Forms To Students


The Itire patriot day is usually marked every October 1st to commemorate the country’s independence and also serve as a means to bring all members of the union together to feast, wine and dine, engage in sporting activities and give back to the community that produced them.

Itire Patriot also gave out jamb forms for admission seekers, created employment through many means and empowered the youths in the community.

The 2023 Edition tagged ‘Together We Thrive, Empowering Our Community‘, started with the Disc Jockey serenading the gathering before the movement took them to the Oba’s Palace in the morning.

Upon resumption from the Oba’s Palace, the powerful executives and members of the union engaged in street soccer and some sporting activities in the community amid cheers and jubilation from the crowd.

Soon after, the women in the community gathered and engaged in some sporting exercise that came with a reward of food items, namely; Spaghetti, Rice and Groundnut oil.

Speaking at the event, the president of Itire Patriot club, Kayode Akin Ayodele said that the Itire Patriot started four years ago as a means to identify with their root as contemporary for many years.

He said the aim is to come together and impact their society as a means for the community to improve on all fronts.

Continuing, he said Itire patriots also comprises individuals who are presently residing outside the community, persons based abroad are also involved while some are still very much welcome.

Also speaking at the event, the Chairman Think Tank, Itire Patriots, Feyisayo Adeniyi said the essence of the event is for Itire bred that God has favoured to come together and impact the society that produced them.

He added that the club serve as an avenue that connects the past and present and encourages the upcoming ones to emulate.

Furthermore, It’s a chance for everyone to gather, wine and dine chart the way forward and an opportunity to celebrate Nigeria’s independence.

Another prominent member of the union, Olumide Okunyemi also noted that men who have attained the height of their profession are the brains behind it.

He added that Itire Patriots are made up of different people from different backgrounds and ethnic nationalities and it brings about cross-fertilization of ideas.

On bringing everyone together, Okunyemi said that it’s a one-year plan that requires dedication and selflessness.

The secretary of the union, Dr Benjamin also highlighted the significance of the club and what it stands to gain.

He noted that the mature minds who are members of the club come together to put resources together as a means of giving back and attaching importance to a community that produced them all.

According to him, one love still holds them together, giving back to society, youth empowerment and many more are some of the things that are drawing more people to the group.

He added that in the last edition, many exercise books were printed and shared with the primary schools in the community.

About 150 Jamb forms were distributed to admission seekers in the community,

A generator was donated to the community police station including car tyres to aid their movement.

The Itire patriot club is saddled with the responsibility of doing things that will make the community one of the best and put them on the same pedestal as other forward-going communities in the society.


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