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Telecommunications Operators To Increase Voice Call And Data Tariffs



Telecommunications Operators To Increase Voice Call And Data Tariffs

Telecommunication operators have taken their clamour for higher call tariffs and data prices to the House of Representatives.

According to the telcos, the cost of doing business in the country has risen sharply in recent months, negatively impacting their businesses.

The telcos through the Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria disclosed this in the industry’s submission to the House Committee on Communications.

The association highlighted that macroeconomic headwinds such as inflation, currency devaluation, sustained difficulty in accessing foreign exchange at an affordable rate, rising energy costs, the rising cost of securing telecom facilities and field personnel in the face of worsening insecurity, and more have negatively impacted their business.


Telecommunications Operators To Increase Voice Call And Data Tariffs


In its submission, it said, “Notwithstanding the foregoing, the pricing regulatory framework has not been reviewed to account for changes in macroeconomic conditions and reflect current cost profile of operators. As such, ALTON’s members are unable to price services at a sustainable rate.

“Consumer prices in other sectors have seen a steep rise over the last six years as they adjust to reflect macroeconomic realities. However, telco prices have remained flat and even declined. Contrary to the price trends in other sectors, telcos have had to adjust for the macroeconomic headwinds by an increasing erosion of margins.”

ALTON stated that other regulated sectors such as power and insurance had since implemented price increases over the last year. The telcos urged the house to allow for an increase in the current floor price for calls and data services.

It stated, “Issuance of policy guidance to the NCC to commence implementation of targeted interventions starting with an upward review of the Mobile Termination Rate for voice services and institution of an interim adjustment of the industry floor price for voice and data services.


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