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See Videos As Prophet Iginla Releases Prophetic Warning To World Leaders, Akpabio, Airlines



See Videos As Prophet Iginla Releases Prophetic Warning To World Leaders, Akpabio, Airlines

Prophet Joshua Iginla has rolled out fresh prophetic warnings against plane crashes, Senate president Godswil Akpabio, and the danger of global war arising from the Israel and Hamas battle.

The clergy in a video posted on his social media revealed that God showed him a potential danger in the aviation industry as a commercial airline will experience a fatal crash unless God intervenes.

According to him, he saw confusion in the air before the passengers’ plane crashed. He said it was a sensitive scenario as it involved an important personality.

Watch video below:

Also, in another video, he urged the Senate president, Godswil Akpabio to be prayerful and cautious as he sees so many tigers attacking him. In the prophetic word given by Iginla, he warned that the battle before him is not the battle of strength but wisdom. He said he should pray for grace to finish his tenure as Senate president.

Finally, Prophet Joshua Iginla, the leader and founder of Champions Royal Assembly, warned President Bola Tinubu and other world leaders to ensure that the ongoing war between Israel and Gaza did not split over to World War III.

In a video posted on the church’s YouTube page, the cleric said he saw “a big battle coming. It is like a pandemic, not of sickness but of guns, an exchange of superpowers”.

Prophet Iginla said he had the visions on three different occasions, adding that countries like China, Israel, America, and the Middle East would massage each others’ egos, and the world would be at a standstill when the war broke out, and countries beneath them would suffer.

He said: “I am not seeing two elephants fight; I am seeing elephants exchanging strength. I am afraid of the signs I am seeing coming. This is not sickness. It is an exchange of weapons. I see provocation and counter-reactions.”

Iginla added that the Israeli army’s ongoing bombardment in Gaza was beyond Israel and urged the body of Christ to pray so that the world would not be at a standstill.

He then called on world leaders, especially their advisers, to watch their tongues, adding that provocation and escalation of the war would not be good for humanity and the world.

What you should know about the Israel-Gaza war in Palestine.

The crisis between Palestine and Israel escalated when the Hamas group attacked the Jewish country on Saturday, October 7, and about 1,400 were reportedly killed while over 4,000 were said to have been injured.

Since the development, there has been a series of bombardments from the side of Israeli authorities, mostly through the night, with over 4,200 people killed, and 70% of the casualties are women and children.

Aljazeera also reported that more than 13,000 people have been injured, and the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said on Saturday, October 21, that the complete siege on Gaza would not stop until Israeli hostages are free.

The United States and Israel were conspicuously absent as the Egypt peace summit held in Cairo over the weekend.

See the video of the cleric below:


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