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Latest NPower News For Today Saturday 13 January 2024



Latest NPower News For Today Saturday 13 January 2024

Latest NPower News For Today Saturday 13 January 2024 Can Be Accessed Below.

In today’s Npower update, we delve into crucial aspects of the N-Power program, including the 2024 recruitment, backlog payments, and the potential impact of the recent suspensions of Dr. Betta Edu and Hajiya Halima Shehu on the Npower initiative.

1. Npower 2024 Recruitment Update:

There is a notable concern regarding the submission of data on a fake Npower recruitment portal. As highlighted in a previous advisory, it’s essential to be cautious and avoid falling victim to mischievous individuals who may set up fake links to scam prospective applicants. As of now, Npower is not conducting any recruitment, and applicants are urged to be vigilant and rely on official announcements for accurate information.

2. Effect of Hajiya Halima Shehu’s Suspension:

Prior to the suspension of the NSIPA CEO, Hajiya Halima Shehu, the agency was actively working on the NSIPA website and the recruitment of new Npower volunteers. The suspension might impact the progress of these initiatives. It is advisable for stakeholders and beneficiaries to stay informed about any developments regarding the NSIPA website and recruitment process.

3. Impact of Dr. Betta Edu’s Suspension:

The suspension of Dr. Betta Edu, the Minister for the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, has raised concerns about potential delays in Npower backlog payments and other program-related activities. Dr. Edu played a significant role in streamlining processes, leading to the recent disbursement of a one-month Npower backlog payment. While some beneficiaries advocate for giving her a second chance, others are calling for a return to the leadership of Mr. Afolabi Imuokede, the former manager of the Npower program. They believe that under his tenure, the program operated with transparency and fairness, and his reinstatement could contribute to the success of the Npower program under the renewed Hope Agenda.

As these developments unfold, Npower beneficiaries and stakeholders are encouraged to stay informed through official channels and announcements. The future direction of the Npower program may be influenced by decisions made in response to the current challenges and suspensions.

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