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Redeemed Church Leaders Caution Pastor Adeboye Over City of David Parish Saga



Redeemed Church Leaders Caution Pastor Adeboye Over City of David Parish Saga

…Says ”Don’t Follow Social Media Noise On Iluyomades”

Sources have disclosed that the controversy surrounding the alleged plan to take over the Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG, City of David in Lagos by the General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, and hand it over to his son has continued to brew seriously underground within the founding members and leadership of the Church.

It will be recalled that the alleged issue to axe the Senior Pastor, City of David, Pastor Idowu Iluyomade and Wife Dr Siju Iluyomade over the latter 60th birthday celebration after the demise of top member Herbert Wigwe has evolved over divergent opinions on whether the birthday was appropriate or other otherwise.

However, sources close to Pastor Adeboye had revealed that Pastor Adeboye had prevailed upon to jettison the idea of replacing Pastor Iluyomade and his wife this period on, just based on celebrating a Birthday.

The G.O. according to information, had wanted to rescind his earlier decision but was again misguided by some of his allies whose eyes were already on the Trinity Towers building.


Redeemed Church Leaders Caution Pastor Adeboye Over City of David Parish Saga


The source said “We were surprised that the heat is still on, some members had again with G.O. last week with the hope that matured reasons will prevail afterward, only to hear again that Daddy G.O. is still insisting on replacing Pastor Idowu.

The Iluyomades and congregation have put in enormous strength together with the grace of the Lord to place City of David where it is today having started from scratch since 1995.

It will be inimical, and counter-productive to take such a drastic step this period if we don’t want implosion. We don’t need to follow social media court, but sit in a roundtable and iron out any issue we perceived gone wrong” the source who is also a Pastor admonished.

Also, an influential member of RCCG who we don’t want to mention his name had pointed out last week while in a meeting with some of the Church’s members, according to him “ If the church as a while had wanted to rely on or moved with regular criticisms in the social media, Daddy G.O would have been queried and even deposed by now.

The social media had written severally on him taking over RCCG from the founder to become his property, the social media had written severally that he ought to have retired, social media has continued to shout on him buying any Jets for personal and business from coffers of the Church, social media still accusing him of been political and tribalistic, that by now he should be leading a protest over a dire situation of the Country just like he did against former President Goodluck Jonathan, but they are saying it’s because he supported the Presidential election to emerged

He warned that should the RCCG have based decisions on public opinion only the church would have suffered the consequences just the way it heading now.