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Wema Bank Announces Call For Entries For Its Youth-Focused Hackathon, Hackaholics 5.0



Wema Bank Announces Call For Entries For Its Youth-Focused Hackathon, Hackaholics 5.0

Wema Bank, Nigeria’s foremost innovative bank and pioneer of Africa’s first fully digital bank, ALAT, has announced the Call for Entries in the 5th edition of its flagship youth and startup-focused tech competition, Hackaholics.

This announcement was made at the Press Conference held at Wema Bank’s Head Office on Thursday, April 18th, 2024, declaring the registration portal for Hackaholics 5.0 officially opened.

Hackaholics is an annual tech and innovation competition birthed by Wema Bank in 2019 to provide a platform for young Nigerians with tech-driven ideas to bring their game-changing ideas to life, scale their ventures or startups, and access a wider market for these tech-enabled solutions.

Over the past 4 editions, Hackaholics has transformed thousands of Nigerian lives and businesses, helping Youth with interests spread across different areas to build their Startups, create sustainable sources of income, and gain a competitive edge on the global tech and innovation scene.

Through Hackaholics, Wema Bank has powered the launch and expansion of a plethora of Startups, disbursing over N150,000,000 in cash prizes in just 4 editions.


Wema Bank Announces Call For Entries For Its Youth-Focused Hackathon, Hackaholics 5.0

With the launch of Hackaholics 5.0, Wema Bank is reportedly pulling all the stops to make this edition the grandest ever. Themed “Meta-Idea: DigiTech Solutions for Africa’s Prosperity”, Hackaholics 5.0 will be executed over six months, touring 10 Universities across the country and challenging the Youth to pitch unique, innovative, and practical Digi-Tech solutions to positively impact the acceleration of progress, development, and prosperity not just in Nigeria but across the African continent.

Encouraging Nigerian Youth to leverage Hackaholics as a launchpad to their success in the digital world, Wema Bank’s Chief Transformation Officer, Babatunde Mumuni, highlighted the bank’s vision for Hackaholics.

According to him, “With the birth of ALAT, a few things became clear, one of which is that while we have adopted innovation and digital excellence as our path to greatness, we need talented bright minds to drive this innovation, and this is one of the reasons we launched Hackaholics.

With Hackaholics, we are not only empowering these youth to scale but also funding STEM education towards national development.

Also, we are strengthening our nation’s capabilities and providing a platform for creative and innovative youth to thrive. We are in search of curious people, who are innovative enough to question the status quo, refine the norm, and challenge themselves to make things better. If this is you, then Hackaholics 5.0 is the perfect platform to help you thrive”.

Highlighting the career opportunities available in Hackaholics 5.0, Ololade Ogungbenro, the Divisional Head of Brands, People, and Culture, said, “Nigeria possesses a vibrant population of young people who are digitally skilled and willing to leverage innovation and technology as a tool to build digital products that are usable, scalable, and sustainable.

All they need is an opportunity, a platform, and the right nurturing environment for their talents to thrive. That is one value we hope to harness with Hackaholics 5.0.

The pitch sessions across the different universities present a unique opportunity for us to double our impact to not only empower these youth to own their Startups from as early as their undergraduate years but further provide them with access to first-rate employment opportunities.

Through the career fairs we will host, participants and attendees can interact with us, learn about the bank’s culture, values, and job opportunities, gain insight into the banking industry, and learn about various technology-related roles available in the Bank.

They’ll also enjoy Speed mentoring and Networking opportunities, Interview Preparation, and a chance to hone their soft skills.

So, if you are a young person who is keen on building a thriving career in Tech, then attending, and actively participating in the Hackaholics Career Fair should be a top priority for you”.

Wema Bank’s Head of Innovation, Solomon Ayodele, concluded by saying, “This year, you’re going to experience the Coachella of the tech industry at our Hackaholics 5.0 grand finale tech festival, and the journey begins today.

We have a cash prize of over N70,000,000 for our winners this year and we are not limiting you to any specific verticals.

Any verticals you can think of will be accepted. Our focus for Hackaholics 5.0 is the brilliance of your mind so we leave it to you to discover a problem area that matters and develop an innovative solution that will drive a positive impact.

Our goal is to birth solutions that address diverse aspects of real-world challenges, and you have the opportunity to be a part of this transformative journey.

To submit your entry please visit”.

Wema Bank has transformed thousands of lives across Nigeria, facilitating the successful creation of hundreds of startups across the country through Hackaholics.

With the bank’s impact constantly proliferating especially in the digital space, it is no wonder that Wema Bank is regarded as Nigeria’s foremost innovative bank.

Interested participants are encouraged to submit their registrations for Hackaholics 5.0 at