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Revealed! Read Details Of Lagos Indian School Where Nigerians Are Denied Admission



Revealed! Read Details Of Lagos Indian School Where Nigerians Are Denied Admission

Indian Language School located at 11 Johnson Street, Ilupeju, Lagos has been accused of denying Nigerian citizens admission.

An X user, @decommonroom, alleged that applicants need an Indian passport for enrollment into the school.

He wrote: “The Indian school in Ilupeju only admits Indians. You need an Indian passport for enrollment.

The X user disclosed how he found out about the school using passports as the prerequisite for admission.

“My experience with the Indian international school in Ilupeju dates back to when my school had a debate competition with them in 2009.


Revealed! Read Details Of Lagos Indian School Where Nigerians Are Denied Admission


I discovered there were only Indian students. I was curious as to why because my school was also an international school and run by a foreign embassy with primarily expatriate kids and few Nigerians.

Then I was informed their passport was a prerequisite for admission.” To confirm the allegation, a Punch reporter visited the school to investigate the claim.

The reporter made enquiries from the security men for his uncle who had two kids and would like to enroll them in the school.

One of the security men responded by saying, “But that your uncle is an Indian man?” The reporter answered in the affirmative to give room for further discussions.

They took the reporter’s details in a form and took the form to an office. When the security man returned, he said: “They said the person should come the person that is Indian should come with his two kids.”

“They said as a Nigerian, they (the management) cannot attend to you. So the person should come, the Indian person.

” The security denied the Punch correspondence to meet with the receptionist or admin manager. When he asked why he was refused entry, the security man said: “You know if they (the owners) were people of our skin colour (Nigerians) now (things could be different), but these people, they are the ones that know what they saw that made them do things like that.”

Meanwhile, a source in the Indian High Commission in Nigeria, who spoke on condition of anonymity said the Indian school was established in 1982 based on some conditions in Nigeria.

“One of the conditions is that it will not enrol locals in the school. It is not their fault.”

Meanwhile, recall that on Sunday, Nigerians expressed outrage over a discriminatory policy implemented by an Abuja-based Chinese supermarket, which restricted entry exclusively to its citizens and barred Nigerians.

An X user, @DejiAdesogan, had also written, “So there’s a Chinese supermarket in Abuja that Nigerians cannot enter, let alone buy anything, that only Chinese are allowed? So weird to believe.”

Visiting the premises on Monday, the commission’s officials led by the Director for Surveillance and Investigation, Boladale Adeyinka said the mission of the commission was in response to the viral video when Nigerians were allegedly being discriminated against and denied access to the supermarket.

The owner of the supermarket has also been summoned. This was as workers at the store disclosed that the owner of the supermarket fled the premises.

Adeyinka said, “There are other regulatory tools to be deployed if she (the owner) fails to attend to this summons. The summons means that on entering into these premises, they must see the summons because that is how they gain access to it.”

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