Opinion: BBNaija And Us- By Akin Oluwadare Jnr

Opinion: BBNaija And Us- By Akin Oluwadare Jnr

Bbnaija has gotten so many controversies, as the show continues to polarise opinion within the continent.

I follow the controversies surrounding the BBNaija reality show with keen interest. I may not support the spirit and letters of BBNaija, the part of the show that promotes indecency may not be in sync with my ideals but I know that nature abhors a vacuum. Sponsors of BBNaija identified a vacuum and they are simply filling the vacuum. What’s the furor all about.

Bbnaija Controversies.

Truly speaking, I don’t know the name of any housemate in the BBNaija house. I choose what I watch but I don’t join to condemn BB Naija. The right of individuals must be respected by what they choose to watch. I’ve heard arguments that Nigerian youths are not interested in politics and economy but they waste their data voting for BB Naija housemates.

I have a question for those criticizing BBNaija. In the face of a dwindling economy, when politics is beyond the reach of the average Nigerian youth without a deep pocket, if not BB Naija, what is the alternative for Nigerian youths? I ask because something must occupy them.

I remember that there was this corporate reality show sometimes in the past that was designed to promote intellect and business acumen. I remember that the name of the winner of the maiden and only edition of that show is Afolabi. For those of us who say that BB Naija is an assault on our sensitivity, have we bothered to ask the sponsors of that corporate reality show what became of it? Most probably the sponsors of the show did not get any return on their investment, that is if they didn’t make a loss. What we get is a reflection of what we made of our society. If we don’t like it we should change it or at best life with it.

Hypocrisy must be a Nigerian ‘national’. Most of the critics of BB Naija that I now watch the show in private till very late in the night. They know every detail of the show even to the obscene parts that display nudity but they turn around in public when day breaks to call for a scrap of BB Naija. Just like that?

It was R. Buckminster Fuller who said that “you never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

The next time I see anyone call for a scrap of BB Naija, my question will be what new model is the building to make BB Naija obsolete. If you are against BB Naija, what are you for?

Dear Nigerian youth, I have a word for you. In it all, don’t get consumed by the frenzy of entertainment, please equip yourself and secure your future.

Akin Oluwadare Jnr is a seasoned banker, philanthropist, and youth development advocate. He writes from Lagos

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