Wife Sues Husband For Selling Apartment

Wife Sues Husband For Selling Apartment
Housewife has charged her husband to Court for the sale of a four-bedroom apartment.
News Rain reports that a woman, Alhaja Aishat Adenike Popoola has charged her husband to Court following the sale of a four-bedroom apartment by her husband.

Wife Charge Husband To Court For Selling Apartment

The High Court of Justice, Osun State, Ile – Ife Judicial Division, looked much like a Cinema Hall on Monday when a woman Known as Alhaja Aishat Adenike Popoola (Plaintiff), charged her husband, Alhaji Popoola Ogundoyin, to Court over the sale of a four-bedroom flat apartment.
News Rain gathered that the building (Four Bedroom Flat Apartment), which is situated at Awotorebo Street, in Awotile Layout belonged to Alhaji Popoola Ogundoyin, popularly known as ‘Populat’ an oil Marchant, was sold to one Ibadan based businesswoman, Mrs. Adefunke Deborah Awoyele, (2nd Defendant) a native of Ife, on 16th, November 2019, at the sum of N15million by Alhaji Popoola Ogundoyin himself, where all the proper and necessary documents of the building were handed over to Mrs. Deborah Awoyele.
After the successful transaction of the building between both parties, the Plaintiff, Alhaja Aishat Adenike Popoola, now charged both her husband and Mrs. Deborah Awoyele to Court, accusing her husband of selling the building without her consent.
The Plaintiff, Alhaja Aisha, through her Counsel, Remi Ayoade Esq.served both the first and second defendants court order praying the Court to compel her husband to reverse his action on the sale of the building and to also withdraw all the proper documents of the building from the second defendants, Mrs. Adefunke Deborah Awoyele.
The said building was gathered to have been bought by Alhaji Popoola Ogundoyin sometimes in 2008, at the sum of N10million, which he now sold to Mrs. Deborah Awoyele in 2019 at the rate of N15Million.
Alhaji Popoola Ogundoyin who had handed over all the proper documents of the building to the buyer had initially contacted the Court, where he had pleaded to Court for the reverse of his action over the sale of the apartment.
Alhaji Popoola prayed before the Court to help in persuading the buyer to give him back all the documents to the house as her money is still intact.
We gathered that the matter which seems not to be in favor of the Alhaji Popoola Ogundoyin, has the buyer refused to drop all the documents linking her with the building as the original owner of the said building, has now turned out to the results of which the of the Alhaji Popoola, Alhaja approaching the Court with the claims that her husband sold the house without her consent.
Alhaji Popoola was said to have regretted his actions just three days after the sale of the building when he told newsmen that his wife was not in good terms with him ever since he had sold the house to the buyer, because he said the house has been filled to his wife, Alhaja Aisha.
Mrs. Deborah Awoyele through her counsel Barrister Ifedayo Olowoyo has replied to the claims of the Plaintiff, that she does not in any way know her, or even came across her before, during, and after the buying of the building, so she had no business with her.
She said, ” I even regretted buying the house because I have spent more than the amount that I bought the house on the repairing project of the house.
She further said that ” the day that Alhaji Popoola collected the money for the house, he took me to the house, but we met some tenants there, so it’s not that easier for me to check the house properly, Alhaji told me then that he has almost hundred houses in Ife that he uses for business purposes, why can’t he go and give his wife one of those houses, Mrs. Deborah queried.
“Alhaji has been going around that he will kill me and my husband if we did not return the documents of the house, we have taken the matter to the State Area Command in Osogbo where he was asked to signed an undertaking, but he refused. Mrs. Deborah said.
The case which has been heard at the same court on Thursday, 16, July 2020, before the High Court Judge, Dr. A. A. Aderibigbe has however been adjourned to 11th, of November 2020 for a further proper hearing of both Counsels.
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