Women Like To Wear It All, They Wear Men’s Jeans And Call It ‘Boyfriend’s Jeans’-Arogboritse

Women Like To Wear It All, They Wear Men’s Jeans And Call It ‘Boyfriend’s Jeans’-Arogboritse

Emmanuel Arogboritse is a real estate agent, model, farmer, electrical technician, and current Mr. Universe Nigeria 2019.  He can also be described as a pageantry King who hails From Warri, Delta State.

He recently had an exclusive chat with News Rain Nigeria, where he spoke about himself, career among other things, enjoy

Women Like To Wear It All, They Wear Men’s Jeans And Call It ‘Boyfriend’s Jeans’-Arogboritse

What is Mr. Universe all about?

Mr. Universe Nigeria is a platform that supports and grooms young men positively through pageantry. Its mission is to advance Nigerian men to be physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally rounded; the Mr. Universe Nigeria platform essentially is designed to empower its participants while also enabling them to become a voice and a force that resonates 365 days.


How Do You Get To Know About The Pageant?

I was following the Mr. Universe Nigeria page on Instagram so when I saw the advertisement for Mr. Universe Nigeria 2019, I showed my sister and she encouraged me to try it out. In her words, there’s so much to gain and really nothing to lose.

What Inspired You Into The Pageantry?

I wanted to be a positive role model to younger Nigerians, also needed a platform to grow my business, My siblings and my mum have always thought I’d do well as a model. So when I saw the advertisement for Mr. Universe Nigeria I thought to try and alas I was the most deserving of the crown.

As Mr. Universe and Now a Celebrity what difference has it made in your life?

As I mentioned earlier the platform grooms today’s young men to be better people and rounded individuals. Since I became Mr universe Nigeria I am more self-aware, more rounded, and kind of popular which in turn has been beneficial to my business.

As Mr. Universe, How Do You Wish To Impact Your World?

I always seek to be a better person for myself and be a better role model for younger generations. I try my best to be kind to everybody I meet hoping my little act of kindness would have a ripple effect.


What Are The Qualities You Think Make Someone Qualify To Become Mr. Universe?

First, you have to be male to compete (Laugh), you must also be Nigerian at least 18 to 31 years old, with a secondary school leaving certification.

You should be confident, humble, sociable, positive-minded, have a nice presence and physically fit. When I say physically fit I don’t necessarily mean six-packs and a big chest, am simply saying you should be proud of your body temple.

Do Men Really Have Fashion Sense?

Have you seen most of the top fashion designers and stylists around the world?
Men are doing great in the fashion industry. I think there are even more men in the high-end fashion industry. So yes, men have in fact an amazing fashion sense.

What Makes Men Fashion Different From Women?

We have as many apparel compared to women. Men’s fashion is more standardized, straightforward, and predictable.

Like I said before men’s fashion is more basic, lesser fashion items compared to women. women like to wear it all even the men’s clothes. They wear their man’s jeans and call it ‘boyfriend’s jeans’. Let’s not even get started with color, a woman can have 5 red shoes and have different names for the different reds. What about jewelry? Lol, women’s fashion is usually more elaborate compared to men’s fashion.


How Do You Dress On A Good Day?

It depends on what a good day is. Sometimes I just like to be comfortable other times fashion is pain and can be discomfort and yes also the weather in this part of the world is hot so I don’t wear jackets as often as I’d love to.

What Are Your Future Aspirations?

My ultimate aspiration is to live happily and be comfortable. To leave a mark and live without any regrets.


Any Last Word?

Yes. I would be launching my online fashion store by the end of November follow me on Instagram @god_orits for more information. Secondly Mr universe Nigeria registrations has commenced and would be holding in February 2021, I want to encourage every young Nigerian out there that’s looking for the right platform to engage and also to push their individual brands to seize this lifetime opportunity to register. Registration is FREE by the way.

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