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Davido VS Burna Boy Clash: A New Video Shows What May Have Triggered The Fight-See Video



A new videos from a nightclub in Ghana where singers Davido and Burna Boy clashed have surfaced online.



News Rain Nigeria recalls that Nigerians on social media woke up to the unpleasant news of an ugly exchange between singers Davido and Burna Boy who were both partying at a popular clubhouse in Ghana.

Although the reason for the clash is still unknown, but a new video has surfaced on social media that gives some sense of direction to what may have triggered the events of the night.

Davido VS Burna Boy Clash

In the clip sighted on Instagram, singer Davido was heard instructing a DJ at the club to play his controversial singer, FEM, which he described as the biggest song of 2020.

The video captured Davido performing the song as the audience cheered on.

Perhaps, the line about Burna could have heightened emotions which eventually led to the exchange between them.

Interestingly, another clip captured the moment Davido and Wizkid were standing far apart from each other in the club which was packed full.

Both singers had members of their crew around them and they were seen enjoying the party.

Watch the clips as spotted on Instagram below:

Also, recall that earlier on, it was reported that Wizkid got people talking after a video clip of him during the fight between Davido and Burna Boy surfaced online.

Despite the fact that Davido got in a scuffle with Burna Boy and stormed angrily out of the place, Wizkid looked unbothered.

The singer minded his business and simply enjoyed his drink.