Christians Flogged Publicly For Drinking And Gambling

Christians Were Recently Flogged Publicly For Drinking And Gambling.



News Rain Nigeria reports that two men of the Christian faith were flogged publicly on Monday in Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province for gambling and drinking alcohol.

This is rare as most men who flogged for such an act used to be Muslims since the state is predominantly dominated by Islam fateful.

Christians Flogged Publicly For Drinking And Gambling


The beating of these two men is coming after a male couple was flogged 80 times for been intimate, an act that violates the local Islamic law of the area.

Two masked sharia officer lashed both men with 40 strokes of the cane.

One of those that received the lash, identified as JF, said he accepted the flogging to have been prosecuted as a criminal, thereby facing a jail sentence of up to six months.

Two Christians publicly flogged in Indonesia for drinking, gambling.

“The Sharia police gave us options, and we consciously decided to comply with the Islamic criminal code. No one forced me to choose it,” he told News correspondent.

Aceh is the only province in the world that enforces the most recognized Islamic law.

According to reports, a citizen of the province who is not a Muslim but violates the national and religious laws of the state can choose under which law he wants to be prosecuted.

It is rare for non-muslim to be flogged in the province; only a few had been lashed public on account of gambling and selling alcohol.

Seven people were flogged on Monday, among which are the two Christians; the other five were Muslims, who were whipped for adultery and drinking alcohol.


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