Herdsmen Attack On Soyinka’s House – Son Gives Update

Wole Soyinka’s son has given an update on the herdsmen’s attack at his father’s house.



News Rain Nigeria reports that Olaokun, son of Wole Soyinka, Nobel laureate, has said that Fulani herdsmen did not attack his father’s house in Abeokuta, Ogun state.

This was gathered in a statement on Wednesday after Olaokun was seen reacting to a viral video on social media, in which it was alleged that the Nobel laureate’s house was attacked by herders on Tuesday.

Herdsmen Attack On Soyinka’s House – Son Gives Update


In the video, a voice who claimed to work for a media house said some herders attacked Soyinka’s house and threatened to kill him.

According to the narrator in the video, the herders were arrested and remanded at a police station in the state.

Olaokun, however, stated that his father was not attacked, and there was no violence, although the herders trespassed into his land.

“To repeat, I have confirmed that while cows did stray onto his land yesterday, there has been no attack, no violence, and no attempt to enter the house,” Olaokun said.

“Kindly debunk this information where you can. We do not need confusion added to the already tense situation in the country.”

Recall that there has been rising tension in the south-west over the activities of herders in the region, as some herders have been accused of masterminding abductions and killings in some communities

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