A Look At Best 2021/2022 JAMB Apps For Mobile phone/PC

Below Is the best free JAMB CBT apps (both mobile/PC) that are good for JAMB practice.

See JAMB CBT apps Below;

Passng CBT app
It was developed to help students with every information they need to gain admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. If you have been searching for an app to practice JAMB for free, note that Passng CBT app is the best.

Flashlearners JAMB app
This app has all the features of the real JAMB software. With the Flashlearners CBT app, you can decide to practice two, three, or four subjects at a time. One of the striking things about this app is that it has both free and paid versions. Users are allowed to upgrade to the paid version if they don’t enjoy the features available in free mode.


A Look At Best 2021/2022 JAMB Apps For Mobile phone/PC


Msgist CBT app
Msgist JAMB app is apparently one of the best JAMB apps for PCs. It also has a version for mobile phone users anyway. This application is owned by the best education website in Nigeria.

Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app
if you are looking for a JAMB app to help you prepare vigorously for the impending JAMB examination, you can use Currentschoolnews JAMB mobile app.
Nigerian scholars UTME CBT practice application
It offers JAMB candidates free JAMB, Post UTME, and WAEC past questions.

JAMB (Swiftspeed edu)
JAMB (Swiftspeed edu) is meant to test students on all the topics highlighted in JAMB syllabus. They ask their questions basically from JAMB past questions and answers. So, if JAMB past questions and answers are key to pass JAMB examination.

Myschool JAMB mobile app
Myschool JAMB mobile app is not totally free, but i can assure you that the app worth it. I mean, it is even one of the cheapest.

JAMBITE free JAMB, WAEC, and Post UTME past questions app
This app can be used for both WAEC and post UTME practice too.

FaceYourBook JAMB mobile app
FaceYourBook JAMB app will make you to face your book and prepare for JAMB examination.

Jamb CBT Software by awajis.com
This is one of the best free JAMB mobile apps you can find online. According to the app description on their official website, with Jamb CBT Software by awajis.com you will score nothing less than 250 in the impending JAMB examination.
This may not be 100% true, but I believe this app can really help students.

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