Group Moves To Save Couples In Web Of Crisis-See Details

Group Moves To Save Couples In Web Of Crisis-See Details

Justice For All (JUFA), a Nigeria-based non-governmental organisation, has condemned the lingering manhunt for Timothy Adeniji, an Ilorin, Kwara State-based businessman, over issues bothering on religious intolerance and marital acrimony.




News Rain Nigeria reports that the group, JUFA is rooting for Adeniji, who has suffered unprecedented hardship from supposed in-law and has now gone underground to save his life.

Going underground became an option when manhunt was intensified and enjoyment of inane rights became an issue for the ticketing consultant as a result of series of attacks on him coupled with attempts to get rid of him by his family and some family members his wife, over religious differences.

Narrating Adeniji’s ordeal, President of JUFA, Comrade Ifeoluwa Omotinugbon, said “trouble started when Timothy, a Christian, got married to Mrs. Adeniji Motunrayo Balikis, a Muslim from Ilorin on March 17th, 2012, and converted her into Christianity upon marriage. The marriage. The marriage produced three kids, Mary, Michael, and Miracle Adeniji.


Group Moves To Save Couples In Web Of Crisis-See Details


“This action did not go down well with the immediate family members of his wife who are devoted Muslims and considered it a sacrilege to have lost their daughter to arrival faith,” she explained

Meanwhile, our reporter gathered that the acrimony was fueled by a past gory experience, prior to the marriage of Timothy and Balikis.

Mrs. Adeniji was said to have lost her father and eldest sister to the cold hand of death. They were Alleged to have been gruesomely assassinated by some of her kinsmen in what was said to be a clandestine plot to having total control over the said family’s properties.

Mrs. Adeniji was said to have been the stumbling block to access to the properties by the family members who on several occasions have confronted her for their own cut from the left estate

Desperation mounted as Balikis ostensibly began moves to approach the court to legitimise her ownership of the properties justice against the perpetrators and possibly attempt unveiling those responsible for the questionable deaths of her father and that of her eldest sister.

“As the wife is being victimized by her family, the husband, Timothy is also being persecuted by his family for kicking against circumcision on his children.

Circumcision has often been, and remains, a subject of controversy on a number of grounds, tradition, religious, ethical, sexual, and medical reasons.

“In 2018, Timothy and his wife had gone to work, the kids had been taken to school. A neighborhood friend of theirs called Timothy on his phone not to return back home that part of their house has been set ablaze by some men that came with a blue Toyota Corolla.

“When the situation became very terrible for them, the wife and the kids fled to Ireland to avoid being killed, the husband, Timothy ran away for his life.

Since then, Timothy has been hiding and moving from place to another. Some information has it that Timothy might have likely joined his family in Ireland,” Omotinugbon narrated.

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