A Look At Frequently Asked Questions About Dr Kayode Fayemi

As a two-time, unanimously elected Chairman of the Nigeria Governor’s Forum, Dr. Fayemi has a considerable name and face recognition in the governance structures of Nigeria.

No one who is conversant with the history of democracy in Nigeria can honestly say they don’t recognize Kayode Fayemi.

From the NADECO struggle days to Radio Kudirat, The Truth and Reconciliation Oputa Panel of Ogoniland under President Obasanjo, Kayode has been an active participant in the evolution of democracy in Nigeria, so he is definitely not “unknown”

Being a serious-minded technocrat, he hasn’t excelled at the self-aggrandizing publicity that the Nigerian political space is used to, but that can be learned especially when Nigerians get to know him and his modest achievements as a two-term Governor in Ekiti State.


A Look At Frequently Asked Questions About Dr. Kayode Fayemi


We improved on that greatly in his 2nd term as Ekiti Governor. It’s a work in progress.

Below are frequently asked questions About Dr. Kayode Fayemi. 

Q. Is Kayode Fayemi a serious bidder or a “spoiler” for the Southwest?

Dr. Fayemi is NEVER frivolous in his decisions. If he doesn’t know his chances are high, he won’t even venture into the arena. Consultations have been ongoing for longer than this hyperventilating season. This decision is anything but frivolous and events in the coming days will attest to that.

As per “spoiler” status in the SW, Fayemi has maintained a cordial and respectful relationship with ALL the leaders in the Southwest. Contrary to contrived perception, he is in constant touch with them and they are on the same page regarding the Southwest Agenda.

So many things are unknown to the public but events will soon clear them. We won’t say much on this. Only there is more here than meets the eye.

Q. What are Fayemi’s achievements in Ekiti and the “unfinished greatness” a personal or national agenda?

Here is a link to a 140-page compilation of Kayode Fayemi’s developmental impact in Ekiti State. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FmtW3GpHhzMGl2S3qy4j6B3TG4SQANDC/view?usp=drivesdk

Bear in mind that the state has always been in the bottom 3 of economically viable states without any significant industrialization. But that is rapidly changing.

With meager resources, Fayemi has leveraged his developmental contacts across the globe to achieve both human capital and infrastructural developments worthy of commendation.

Ekiti State is working on a public water project that will serve about 10 LGAs with the world bank.

The first plane is expected to land at the Ekiti Agro-Allied Airport about 2 months from now.

Over 1000 schools’ infrastructure completed and more are ongoing. Fayemi was the first Governor to procure 30,000 Samsung Solar laptops for public students and 18,000 laptops for their teachers as far back as 2012 or so in pursuit of his vision for ICT in public schools. So much to share. Pls, find time to go through the link.

On the “Unfinished Greatness” issue. It’s about Nigeria 🇳🇬. Always has been about Nigeria. One of Kayode’s greatest passions in life is to see Nigeria take its place of respect among peer nations in Africa and the world.

As a student union activist in UNILAG in the 80s, Fayemi grew up on the African Renaissance vision.

He still holds that vision till today and he understands the role Nigeria 🇳🇬 must play to achieve that vision.

At his declaration event, when asked why he was running, his conviction was that while Nigeria has ticked some boxes in development, it was yet to attain its rightful place of respect and honor as the largest black nation in the world.

To achieve that, Nigeria must first work for Nigerians. That is why he is running.

Q. Why the “trench” (elevated intellectual rhetoric) when you only need to sell yourself to delegates?

Why the “intellectual tone” in a party delegate’s campaign?

Simply because to Dr. Kayode Fayemi, governance is very serious business! The process through which governance emerges must be handled seriously too.

He believes that delegates are a critical component of that process because they hold that position in the trust of the rest of the electorate so they are expected to make informed decisions in the interest of Nigeria.

If a candidate cannot sell his policies to delegates of his party first, why should he expect the electorate to buy them?

It is utmost disrespect to feel delegates don’t need to be convinced of your vision and capacity to govern.

To Fayemi, the delegates must compare the visions of all aspirants and choose the one they are convinced is the best for Nigeria.

Anything short of that is a ridicule of the process. If we want Nigeria to change, political debates should start at primaries before a candidate emerges in any political party.

That way, candidates are elected on their vision and not just their cult personality.

So sorry if the intellectualism seems out of place. Fayemi believes in doing it right.

Q. What of Fayemi’s “snobbish” aloofness and disconnect from the people?

That one is both a function of personality and perception.

Dr. Fayemi as a person is more of an introvert. He enjoys his own company and believes in self-development so he reads a lot! (You can’t read a book when you have company.)
He is not your average socialite who enjoys parties and Owambe.

They are social obligations for him, not a form of relaxation as it is for many of us.
Now when you come from the Southwest of Nigeria, the world capital of enjoyment, that fact will be held against you! Ebenezer Obey even sang about it in his album the man and his donkey, Yorubas will disdain you for not being sociable. “Alakori Acada n se lo r’Oju koi koi”!

That is where the perception of “aloofness” and “distant” came from.

However, in practice, Governor Fayemi is one of the most accessible leaders around. In Ekiti State, every budget year, Fayemi tours the 16 LGAs to get their input before the budget is passed.

Every town will request 3 projects in the budget year and depending on the availability of funds, each community gets at least one project captured in the budget.

Once passed, the State Government will release the funds to a Project Committee set up by the community and they handle the execution themselves with the state as mere supervisors.

If that is not closeness to the people in a beneficial way, I don’t know

In addition, we are also working on the social capital of our principal. He don dey try to attend parties now.

Q. Is JKF okay for the Nigerian people?

That will be the decision of first the APC delegates (and PMB, and ultimately the Nigerian electorate)

If what Nigerians want is a President who will take the business of governance seriously, listen to every stakeholder and work hard to solve the myriad of problems through consultations and practical action, Dr. Kayode Fayemi is your guy!

But if we still want a cultic leader with plenty of street credibility but little impact on our daily lives and economy, then Fayemi cannot help you.

The promise that we bring to the table is that Fayemi can solve problems because he can access the brilliant minds in Nigeria who have the answers in every sector.

Fayemi will bring the youth into governance because he surrounds himself with young people.

His special assistant for Digital Media is a 23-year-old young man. His chief of staff is 39. His Commissioner for Finance just turned 40. His Senior Special Assistant in charge of policy is 35.

So many more feed his policies with new ideas and creative solutions to Nigeria’s core issues.

Fayemi is Omoluabi par excellence who lives the Yoruba ethos of respect, integrity, wisdom, humility, compassion, and hard work.

Yet he is a bridge-builder with strong and trusted relationships across the length and breadth of Nigeria. He will run an all-inclusive government of national unity where everyone will have a sense of belonging. That is sure.

Nigeria can trust Kayode Fayemi. He is for the unity and prosperity of Nigeria.

With these few points, we trust that Nigerians who desire a fresh trajectory to security and prosperity will be convinced that Kayode Fayemi is a goal.