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PDP Chieftain Mr Ehizele Atabujena Murdered In Edo.



Suspected political thugs have killed a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Edo State.

Mr Ehizele Atabujena,chieftain of people democratic party in Edo state was shoot in the presidential and senatorial elections, 25th February 2023 in Uromi Edo state.

MR Ehizele Atabujena, was shoot dead by the thugs who stormed his polling unit in the Eaan North East Local Government Area on Saturday, 25th February 2023.

Uromi LGA is the traditional home of the PDP in Edo state, due to the influence of Mr Atabujena family,according to some Eye witnesses who was on grand said that the presence of Mr Ehizele Atabujena political influences scared the Apc political thugs who came to kill him,he was shoot dead by 6 Arm men who came with 3 vehicles, firstly we saw the youth leader of Apc in Our ward telling Mr Ehizele Atabujena,to forcefully leave the field where the Election was ongoing but few hours later we saw some Arm political thugs shooting into the air, a lot of voters run into hidden due to how the political thugs was shooting sporadically into the air.


PDP Chieftain Mr Ehizele Atabujena Murdered In Edo.

According to some family Members of Ehizele Atabujena, who said that The diseases life as long be threatened due to some power Element within the Apc belive Mr Ehizele Atabujena, knows the hide out of Mr Lucky Ahator Atabujena, who the police declared wanted due to Electoral violence in 2012 Edo Gubernatorial Election and the Alleged Allegation of Robbery incidents that happened in March 2014.

Some political thugs of All Progress congress,have threatened MR Ehizele Atabujena, to disclose the Location of Mr Lucky Ahator Atabujena, before been shoot died because the thugs belive that MR Ehizele Atabujena, know the hide out of Lucky Atabujena.

According to Uromi command of Nigeria police have said that they are going to investigate the killing of Ehizele Atabujena.

His death has thrown the PDP family into a mourning mood as they are yet to come to terms with his untimely death
It was alleged that miscreants were being sponsored to perpetrate the heinous act by the opposition party.

Also, the State chapter of the party had in a statement accused the ruling party, (APC) of being responsible for the dastardly act.

The party was quoted in a statement by its publicity secretary in Uromi Fidelis Ebose, of alleging the APC of masterminding the attack that led to the gruesomely murder of its member

The statement read in part, “the late Ehizele Atabujena was from ward 4 Uromi in Esan North East Local Government had gone to exercise his civic right in the February 2023 Election.

The PDP members who are present at the scene of the event told the party that the deceased was waylaid and threatened by notorious thugs who are APC supporters led by their gang leader popularly known as Igho ivie after which the deceased reported the threats to Operation Burst in the primary school where the Election took place.

The security personnel of Operation Burst were said to have accompanied the deceased back to his family house to effect necessary security action but the assailants have absconded, the ruling party added.

After Operation Burst had departed the area, the assailants however, returned more viciously and aggressively to the family house of the deceased.

“It is very unfortunate that despite the peace accord APC jointly entered into alongside other political parties in the state ahead of the 2023 general elections, the opposition party has continued in its sustained and coordinated attacks against our members in its usual manner.

“We are aware that these attacks are fully sanctioned and backed by certain individuals including some of APC candidates who are not only desperate to win the 2023 election by either ‘hook or crook’ but also do so at whatever cost.

“Apart from being a very peaceful party, we also feel obligated and duty bound to the peace and tranquillity in the state and more especially, the peace accord signed at the state police headquarters. We also know that actions and inactions of political players are inimical to the success or failure of the 2023 general elections.

“It is in this knowledge that we have deliberately restrained ourselves from reacting to needless provocations and threats by the APC in Edobstate.

The opposition party has shown nothing but unrestrained desperation, utter recklessness, sheer political brigandage which is daily heightening the political campaign ahead of 2023.