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NGO Feeds 1000 Street Children, Awards Traffic Officer On Children’s Day



NGO Feeds 1000 Street Children Awards Traffic Officer On Children’s Day

Children’s Day celebrations are one of the most revered and fun-filled events in the world.

It is not surprising, considering that our little ones are precious and they bring joy to our world.

As is the custom of the Street Child Care and Welfare Initiative (SCCWI), a charitable organization that caters to street children by providing them with food, shelter, healthcare, and security, as well as helping them become better versions of themselves through education and empowerment programmes, has provided food and water for over 1000 children living on the streets of Lagos, through its annual Feed the Children Initiative, in areas such as Oshodi, Oko Baba, Oko Agbon, Makoko, Yaba, amongst others.


NGO Feeds 1000 Street Children, Awards Traffic Officer On Children’s Day


The event marks a significant step toward SCCWI’s vision of rescuing, nurturing, and reintegrating disadvantaged children in our society.

Comfort Alli, Project Director, SCCWI, led the team of child welfare professionals and volunteers to the event and described it as one of the most fulfilling projects any human being can take part in.

“Food is a basic human need, but you would be surprised at the percentage of our population who cannot afford one square meal, let alone three square meals.

When it comes to children, it becomes even worse because this makes them easy targets for child trafficking, child abuse, thuggery, drug abuse, sexual harassment, terrorism, and many other ills.

It is a heart issue; we all need to get involved, and we are thankful to our donors and sponsors who help us to achieve our goals as we contribute our bit to society”, Comfort said.

SCCWI has also introduced another category to its list of appreciation and recognition recipients.

It is called the humanitarian service award to celebrate public officials who show outstanding dedication and selflessness through their work.

This year, a traffic police officer, Inspector Justina Omogbai, who combines impressive motherly instincts with a rare passion for children’s welfare, by ensuring that all school children who pass through her duty post every morning, at the Sabo Yaba traffic junction in Lagos, are well-dressed, clean, neat, and safe when crossing the roads, has received the award.

As a token of appreciation for her contributions, the SCCWI team presented her with a humanitarian service award plaque, cash gift, and large bundles of school socks which were immediately distributed to delighted children around the region, amidst cheers and applauses from vehicle drivers who also got inspired by the emotional event.


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