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LSPC General Manager Tours Facility, Encourages Staffs On Organization’s Vision And Goals



LSPC General Manager Tours Facility, Encourages Staffs On Organization's Vision And Goals

The General Manager, Lagos State Printing Corporation, Hon. Kolawole Peregrino took a tour of the entire facility of Lagos State Printing Corporation on Tuesday, 5th July 2023 to foster positive work environment, boost employee morale and align the workforce with the organization’s vision and goals.

During the comprehensive tour, the General Manager visited all the departments and Units, witnessing the diligent efforts and expertise of the staff and their dedication and commitment to work. He expressed deep admiration and gratitude for staff’s hard work and contribution to the corporation’s success.

LSPC General Manager Tours Facility, Encourages Staffs On Organization’s Vision And Goals


He acknowledged the significant role each staff member plays in upholding the corporation’s reputation for excellence and recognized their efforts in providing high-quality printing services to various government agencies, institutions, and the public while acknowledging their needs and feedback

The General Manager highlighted the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and continuous improvement in the office, he emphasized that the corporation’s achievements are a result of the collective efforts and expertise of every individual within the organization.

He reiterated the corporation’s commitment to fostering a conducive work environment that promotes innovation, creativity, and personal growth for every staff member.

He added that “the corporation remains at the forefront of technological advancements in the printing industry and maintains its position as a leading provider of printing services in Lagos State’’.

Also, he encouraged members of staff to continue to strive for excellence, maintaining the highest standards of quality, and embracing the corporation’s vision for the future


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