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Grace Nation: Your Prophet Is Your Restoration – Dr. Chris Okafor



Grace Nation: Your Prophet Is Your Restoration - Dr. Chris Okafor

…..If Nothing Is Spoken, Nothing Can Be Achieved

It is scriptural that all enemies within who are determined to destroy the bright future of the People died before the manifestation of their evil plans,

Until the people understand the importance of the secret place through prayers before they can be able to face any battle that comes their way.

Teaching on an important subject “Restoration and Glorification” Lead Pastor, Grace Nation International (aka) Liberation City Dr. Chris Okafor explained that until you understand the principle of the hidden place of Prayers before you can be fully restored and your Glory will shine.

The Generational Prophet of God continues, when you play with your place of cover, you are definitely playing with your existence, the Biggest weapon of the enemies is to remove you from your hidden place, the Man of God maintains that your Prophet is your hidden place, God gave his Prophet Power to Protect his children from the hand of the wicked one, but if the enemies is set to attack you, they will first of all remove you from your hidden place.


Grace Nation: Your Prophet Is Your Restoration – Dr. Chris Okafor


The Apostle of Altars also remarked that for your Restoration to be completed, never play with your place of covering for God’s glory to manifest in your life.

Explaining why you must understand your prophet. The Generational prophet of God Dr. Chris Okafor said; “God gave his Prophet the ability to see his first-hand plan over his children right from when they are in their mother’s womb, therefore a Prophet approves God’s plan over you, abort evil plans, and stop all its operations from manifesting Physically in the life of his children“.

The Man of God also emphasized Birth through Travis, he said it does not come until man trivia, what God is doing on earth is Travis.

The Generational Prophet of God concluded that throughout the bible there is no place where the words of God came to pass without involving a Prophet.

The Realms of the Prophetic took a new dimension with mind-blowing instant Healing and miracles at the Service, God came down Mightily settling various battles confronting children of God, profiling instant solutions alongside testimonies.

Among many miracles that happened at the service was the case file of a Man who the enemy attacked with a stroke, he came into the service with the aid of his family because could not walk, but as God located him through his Servant, the Generational prophet of God Dr. Chris Okafor, his case file was scan prophetically, every strong man behind his ordeals exposed and with a word as commanded, the stroke bow down to higher authority of Elohim, the man jumps to his fit and start to walk again without anyone helping him.

Also, a young man whose wife packed out unceremoniously were United, meanwhile, some awaiting mothers met God physically as they were given their miracle babies, Travelling visa was released, new job were given to faithful while many people gave their lives to Jesus’Christ at the service.


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