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Togo Mighty Visitation: Dr Chris Okafor Prayed For Mighty Visitation And Success As 2023 Conference Ends



Togo Mighty Visitation: Dr Chris Okafor Prayed For Mighty Visitation And Success As 2023 Conference Ends

The 3 days Prophetic conference, Mighty Visitation organized by Chris Okafor world outreach ministry COWOM has ended in Lome, Togo with Mighty Testimonies, Deliverance, Healings, Miracles, and Solutions.

God’s servant and the convener of the Conference, The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor uses the occasion to specially pray for the country of Togo.

He declared that henceforth because God has come to the town in Togo Lome and every part of the country, dividend of democracy will be felt by all, and also more, Mighty Visitation by Elohim will be everywhere coupled with evidence.

The Lagos Popular Prophet also Pray for the leaders in the Government of Togo to be successful while calling on all citizens to continue to pray for the success of their Political Leaders.


Togo Mighty Visitation: Dr Chris Okafor Prayed For Mighty Visitation And Success As 2023 Conference Ends


The man of God said Togo is really blessed with so many resources that can bring development to the Nation remarking that with the just concluded conference, more Blessings and anointing from Elohim through the Government of Togo will be Visible, So expect mind-blowing testimonies everywhere in Togo, the Generational prophet of God declared.

Earlier in his sermon with the theme “The Anointing to Go Forward” The Lead Pastor of Grace Nation Worldwide Dr Chris Okafor says when you locate your prophet, one of the benefits is that you also locate your oil of greatness and Anointing to move you Forward in Life.

The Generational Prophet of God also explains curse as a barrier sent to limit your success in Life, Curse simply means a program target at someone to fail by all means, to move forward in Life you need oil to breakout from Every barrier, sometimes you work very hard but nothing to show for all your effort, it is not the location that is the problem but the foundation.

The Apostle of altars said when you get the franchise of Jesus Christ through his servant, the Proof, and because of the oil, you become successful in life.

Dr. Chris Okafor said when you understand the rules that govern breakthrough and success by your ways of serving your God in truth and spirit, you will carry the anointing that will push you forward in Life.

The Generational prophet of God says there is an oil that carries you, and directs you to the ways of success, the same way some follow and fail because you carried the oil of greatness the same way you follow and succeed. therefore the problem is not the location but what you carry pushes you ahead, saying who anoints you and what anoints you matters, your prophet is the changing point to your moving forward in whatever you do in Life, it is an established fact that God specifically planted your Prophet to your side to guide you and never allow you fail.

There was diverse kind of miracle at the Togo invasion as the conference ends, bloodline diseases were cured, international traveling barriers were broken, Visa’s released, Evil altars shattered, broken home re united, blocked menstruation circle flows, illegal detention by the aggrieved strong personnel set Free, Miracles babies released by God and the most important part of the conference was, hundreds of faithful in Lome Togo where the conference was held gave their Life to Christ Genuinely.

To experience the same mighty hand of God you can join the Generational prophet of God Dr. Chris Okafor in any of the church services at the International Headquarters of Grace Nation worldwide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria for an encounter, your life will never remain the same Amen


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