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How Primate Ayodele Foretold Disagreement Between Gov Obaseki And Deputy Phillip Shaibu



How Primate Ayodele Foretold Disagreement Between Gov Obaseki And Deputy Phillip Shaibu

At the moment, it has been confirmed that all isn’t well between the governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki, and his deputy, Phillip Shaibu.

The latter is currently battling an impeachment crisis following months of being at loggerheads with his principal.

The speculations about their crisis started getting pronounced when Phillip Shaibu reconciled with former governor Adams Oshiomhole after winning his senatorial election.

It would be recalled that during the 2020 governorship election, both Obaseki and Shaibu went all out to fight Oshiomhole before they won the election.

It was reported by insiders that Phillip Shaibu approached the court earlier this week to stop the House of Assembly from impeaching him but his request was not granted.

As it stands, there is no assurance that Shaibu will complete his tenure as the deputy governor of Edo state.


How Primate Ayodele Foretold Disagreement Between Gov Obaseki And Deputy Phillip Shaibu


Meanwhile, Primate Ayodele, a Nigerian prophet and the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church warned both of them to pray against any form of misunderstanding and disagreement in their government.

Of course, Primate Ayodele was the only prophet who foretold the victory of Godwin Obaseki in the election. All odds were clearly against Obaseki in the election but the prophet repeatedly revealed that the governor will return for a second term no matter the intimidation and power at play.

He described Obaseki as God’s project and warned Oshiomhole not to fight him to avoid God’s wrath.

‘’Without mincing words, this is what the Lord said, Obaseki should be focused, and do all the needful things, Obaseki will win, not Ize Iyamu, except APC rigs and anyone who rigs will die, just as I said Covid-19 will kill those who corrupted Nigeria,”

Edo election is more than what anyone can stop, Edo election is for PDP, God wants to fight for Obaseki, I have never met him or collected any kobo from him, if I have, let him come out and disgrace me, I am talking as a Prophet,” (

However, few months after the election, Primate Ayodele spoke about Edo again and revealed that he saw disagreement and misunderstanding between the governor and his deputy.

Governor Obaseki will face challenges even as there will be problems between Obeseki and PDP. Obaseki will disappoint the PDP. The Deputy Governor and Governor need prayers because of unnecessary misunderstandings that will cause leakage in Obaseki’s government. The Governor and the deputy needs prayers for understanding.” (

At that time, the relationship between the duo was rosy and there was no indication that disagreement will arise but God sees beyond human reasoning. He revealed to his prophet, Primate Ayodele in 2020 and three years after, it has come to pass.


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