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Grace Nation: Mark of God Neutralise Curses – Dr Chris Okafor Reveals



The much anticipated London Mighty Visitation conference is set to begin on 20-22 August 2023 in the Queen City of London.

….. Says London Mighty Visitation begins on 19th August 2023

The much anticipated London Mighty Visitation conference is set to begin on 20-22 August 2023 in the Queen City of London.

The Prophetic conference put together by God under the supervision of the Generational prophet of God and the convener of Chris Okafor world outreach ministry COWOM is set to Liberate families and the entire Europe community to the other side of Testimony.

The Program will be prophetic where deliverance, Healing Miracles, and Solutions will be evidential in the Life of People who will be part of the epoch-making of the Revival.

God will be in town throughout the conference and when God comes to town through such Heavy revival anything can happen for Good.

Preaching at the Mid-week Prophetic, Healings Deliverance, and Solution service at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation Worldwide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, the Senior Pastor of Grace Nation Worldwide, Dr. Chris Okafor, who taught on the Topic, DEALING WITH SATANIC INJUNCTION said one of the many battles of the leaders is not outsiders, but the people whom God has sent him to help.


Grace Nation: Mark of God Neutralise Curses – Dr Chris Okafor Reveals


When the people God sent you to deliver are the same People planning evil against you, then satanic injunction continues.

Satan will be happy because he will be having a free day.

The Man of God remarked that we live in a world of wickedness with no reason but just because of jealousy and how things change shape.

Therefore, we must fight the battles and deal with every satanic injunction in our Lives.

The generational prophet of God also remarked that dealing with the spirit of anger is one of the ways to be corrected while dealing with a satanic injunction.

He said it is an established fact that Satan is powerless if he did not have a channel to prove his power. People allow Satan to use them that is why we see Satan as powerful, but immediately you deployed a powerful spiritual strategy higher than what he possesses, he becomes powerless.

Also, Prayers and following instructions from your spiritual fathers give you an additional edge to deal with satanic injunction.

When you partner with God, he puts a mark on you for protection and also in return partners with you so that no forces of the darkness can come near you.

This is to say with the mark upon your life, Curses are broken, barriers are removed and every satanic injunction over you and your family are Lifted.

Therefore you are free and free indeed Dr Okafor concluded.

Also, it was a moment of prophetic movement indeed at the PHDS Mid-week service as the powerful hand of God was visible everywhere.

God came down mightily through his servant Dr. Chris Okafor, as 17 August 2023 will not be forgotten easily by a family who God visited, and the Misery of Constant battle at a specific time was demystified.

Death at a certain age in the family was canceled. Also, God revealed a simple reason why a couple who were battling with the fruit of the womb for so many years, just because while the Groom was younger, he bought Popular Moimoi without remembering to pay the seller and that was his offence.

The misery was demystified, and he was asked to pay the little change back to the seller or her family.

Another couple with 8-year pregnancy was prayed for, their situation was a little pathetic because they were owing a certain amount of money, and because of this, their pregnancy was locked for 8 years.

Thank God for the God of Grace Nation, the secret was revealed and they were prayed for and settled for delivery all to the glory of God. Miracles babies were released to awaiting mothers.


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