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Realtormax Boss Reveals How Real Estate Sector Has Boost Nigeria’s Economic Growth



Realtormax Boss Reveals How Real Estate Sector Has Boost Nigeria's Economic Growth

A real estate entrepreneur, and builder, Michael Adeyemi has noted that the rapid growth in urbanisation and population in Nigeria has ensured that the real estate sector will keep experiencing major growth in Nigeria’s economy.

He added that the current housing problem in major cities of Nigeria cannot be left in the hands of government alone to solve.

While granting an interview to newsmen, Adeyemi, the CEO of Realtormax posited that Government alone cannot address the housing deficit in the country.


Realtormax Boss Reveals How Real Estate Sector Has Boost Nigeria’s Economic Growth


He posited that due to SDG 11, there is a need for the private sector and government to collaborate in creating and developing sustainable cities across major parts of the country to curb housing deficit.

Adeyemi called on individuals and investors to key into the real estate sector, saying that everyone has a role to play.

According to him, the population of Nigeria is too massive for the federal or state government alone to handle in terms of providing affordable homes for everybody.

He said that the private sector needs to come in to bridge the gap between the government and the people in a bid to create sustainable cities and affordable homes.

Continuing, the Chief Executive Officer of Realtormax Nigeria Limited, said that everybody should be entitled to own a house as a citizen of the country.

He noted that low-income earners and high-income earners should be given an opportunity to buy a landed property and build on it.

Stressing that a system where people can be paying in bit at their own convenience should be introduced in order for everyone to be accommodated.

Similarly, Adeyemi added that the real estate sector has the capacity to reduce unemployment in the country, adding that from, engineering graduates having access to job opportunities, to sales executives, accounting and finance, quantity surveyors, town planners, architects, etc. the job opportunities and openings in this sector are endless to name a few.

The Realtormax boss added that his organisation is doing massive recruitment to engage about 10,000 Nigerians in the real estate sector currently, saying they are set to create employment opportunities for those who are willing to be gainfully engaged and as such reduce unemployment.

He also emphasized that what the real estate sector brings to the economy is enormous hence, it has become a sector to be given crucial attention and investment.



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