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Photos: St. Peters UNA Primary School Old Students Shower Pupils With Gifts



Photos: St. Peters UNA Primary School Old Students Shower Pupils With Gifts

Recently, members of the 1988 set of St. Peters UNA Primary School, Bashua, Somolu gathered at the premises of the school to reunite and put smiles on the faces of the pupils of their alma mater.

It was exactly 35 years this year when they graduated from the school, but the feeling was just like yesterday.

Both the teachers, the old students, and all the pupils had wonderful moments typical of a mini reunion as they shared good memories of the past in the most amazing manner.

It all began about three months ago when five of us created a reunion social media WhatsApp platform of the 1988 set.

“We started making contact and adding interested members to the platform. Today, we are about 30 on the platform. Some of us are here, while others are abroad. We met fortnightly and it was usually the best way of knowing ourselves better after 35 years that we had lost touch with one another.

Photos: St. Peters UNA Primary School Old Students Shower Pupils With Gifts


“It was during one of the meetings that the idea of giving back to our alma mater was first initiated.

And happily for us, our dreams for the school came to reality as we gathered here today to impact the pupils of the school by donating various gift items to them.”

These were the confessions of two members of the team, Mrs. Taiwo Aina, a businesswoman, and Mrs. Adetoro Idika, a teacher when the reporter asked them why they were in the school.

They all decked beautifully in blue T-shirts, with a pair of Jeans trousers to match. The words, ” 35 years and still counting”, were boldly written on the back of their shirts.

Many who were present at the event recounted old memories. They were excited that the students of those years were now proud fathers and mothers.

In her opening remarks, the Headteacher of the school, Mrs. O.Sadiku expressed her delight, saying it was a good gesture that the 1988 set of the school remembered their alma mater in a special way.

She stated further that the best way to live in life is to impact the lives of others positively, adding that the pupils of the school are happy that many of their educational material needs are being taken care of now.

I am happy that the 1988 set of St. Peters UNA Primary School came to the rescue when it matters most.

“The schools are just resuming and the pupils will need books and other writing materials for their academic pursuit. As the head teacher, I always buy books and writing materials for the pupils, because as a mother, I know what it takes to sponsor a child’s education.

“So, when I got the information that the old students of the school are coming to donate exercise books and other writing materials, I felt relieved that they have reduced my
burden in a special way.

“So, I am happy, the teachers are happy and the pupils are also happy that they would all go home today with 10 exercise books each, with six pens, six pencils, a mathematical set, and brand new school bags that were given to all of them freely by their fathers and mothers, who were once pupils of this great school“.

Speaking on the reason for fulfilling the dream of impacting the lives of the pupils of the school, Mr. Kehinde Aderemi, who is the Chief Press Secretary to the Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, said the act of giving back to the alma mater is spiritual and rewarding.

Aderemi also added that he felt the urge to do more while distributing the items because he noticed the overwhelming joy in the eyes of the pupils, even as he described the gesture as one of those things that pleases God.

He, therefore, urged the teachers to continue to guide the pupils by making sure that the pupils make good use of the school materials presented to them.

“We all created time out of our busy schedules to be part of this historic moment. I am excited to be part of this success story. It is fulfilling and I am sure God will surely reward all of us who have contributed in one way or the other to fulfill this dream.

In her remarks, Mrs. Taiwo Aina said the idea to give back to the school was a well-planned arrangement by all the members, adding that the visit to the school as well as the presentation of those items was just the beginning of all the great things that are in the pipeline for the school.

The feeling was mutual. I am very excited that this was where it all started about 35 years ago. And meeting all my former colleagues today is also a special reunion.

“I advise the pupils to concentrate on their studies so that they can grow up to be great leaders of tomorrow“.

While speaking, Mrs.Adetoro Idika, also applauded the Headteacher for supporting the lofty ideas.

The head teacher, according to her, was able to bridge the gap between the old students and the pupils of the school.

Teaching Primary School pupils is tasking and also rewarding because it is the foundation of knowledge.

“I am a teacher by profession and I know that primary school is the foundation of every knowledge life. So, If the foundation is not well grounded, then there will be serious problems in the future”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Segun Adedeyin, who is also a teacher in one of the schools in Lagos state explained the need to appreciate the teachers.

“We must always appreciate the head teacher and all the teachers for keeping the hope alive.

“As a former student of this primary school, we are happy that the pupils are in good hands. They show hope and determination to excel and I am optimistic that they will continue to be a blessing to the country.”

In his view, Mr. Ayo Aganmayomi went spiritual. He admitted that it is better to sow a seed in the life of others, adding that the donation of exercise books and other writing materials was like a seed in the lives of the pupils, and it would make good impact in their future endeavours.

I see this reunion beyond today, and I am sure we are giving the future leaders the opportunity to be great. They will all grow up and remember this day as one of the most memorable days in their lives.

“We intend to use the platform to reach out to our teachers too and see how we can build a strong bond between us“.

Also, in his remarks, Mr. Donatus Anyaegbu said the support given to the school and the pupils is more impactful than any other gesture.

He urged other members of the 1988 set to come up with ideas that would further strengthen the bond.

We are all part of the success story of our alma mater. Many of us are doing wonders in our respective areas of human endeavours.

“So, we must continue to build on the success achieved by this gathering today”.

For Mr.Wasiu Adedayo, a banker, the mini-reunion is symbolic and he expressed his joy that it turned out to be such a wonderful meeting.

“I am happy to be part of this mini-reunion. It is exciting seeing our former colleagues coming together to celebrate 35 years of leaving St Peters UNA Primary School“.

Mrs. Sakirat Odeyingbo expressed her joy that she was able to be part of the team that God had used to impact the pupils’ lives.

“The experience was awesome. I feel good that I am happy to be part of this great team”, she said.

The old students also extended their hands of generosity to the teachers as they donated a pair of graters, and a kitchen utensil to each of the teachers.

Meanwhile, all the pupils of two other neighbouring primary schools that shared the same compound with St.Peters, namely St.Augustine Primary school and St.Paul Primary School also benefitted from the gesture.

Each and every one of them got two exercise books and other writing materials freely.

Expressing their appreciation on behalf of the teachers, Mr.S.Dada and Mrs. O. Abiodun said they were happy that the old students of the school remembered the pupils.

“It is our prayer that God will bless you all. By remembering your alma mater, you have impacted the pupils’ lives and exhibited great concern for building their future and it goes a long way.

Shortly after the event, the team also shifted their reunion party to Chicken Republic outfit in Gbagada, Lagos, where they were entertained with lots to eat and drink.


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