EndSARS: Police Killed My Brother In 2010 -Mosun Filani Reveals

EndSARS: Police Killed My Brother In 2010 -Mosun Filani Reveals

Mosun Filani- Oduoye has revealed how Police killed her brother in 2010.

News Rain Nigeria gathered in a post made by the popular actress on her Instagram page @ayabaoduoye where she narrated how her brother, Olatubosun Oluwatosin Filani was killed by the Police in the year 2010.

EndSARS: Police Killed My Brother In 2010 -Mosun Filani Reveals

According to her, Olatubosun was 25 years old at the time and the Police almost frustrated the family’s effort in locating his corpse.


She wrote:” Nigeria failed you in 2010, my sweet brother. You were 25years old then. Officers from eleweran/obantoko Abeokuta killed you on Friday evening, but we were notified on Sunday morning.”

“We don’t have the full details of what happened or how it happened till date. We went to both stations, but we were treated like criminals and chased away. I was able to locate your corpse through the help of a big area brother back then.”

“We went to all the mortuaries in Abeokuta one after the other tipping them to let me search through their abandoned corpses by police. When I found you at ijaiye state hospital you were naked and dead but your hand was still on your stomach where you were shot and I could see the bullet hole. I shouted, rolled on the muddy floor, I sat amongst the many corpses and held you.”

“They never wanted us to locate your corpse at all. But today We Nigerians are saying NO MORE! RIP OLATUBOSUN OLUWATOSIN FILANI. POLICE KILLED YoU IN 2010.”

Recall that Mosun Filani a versatile actress has starred in several Nollywood movies, especially Yoruba films and radio productions since 2005. She has also received several nominations including Best Actress in a supporting role in the 2009 and 2011 Best Of Nollywood Awards.

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