A Look At How NDLEA Boss, Buba Marwa Repositions Nigeria Images

A Look At How NDLEA Boss, Buba Marwa Repositions Nigeria Images

It is no doubt that there have been reports of how Nigeria youths are been lured into drugs including reports of drug trafficking from either airports or land borders where youths who are into drug dealings are caught red-handed.




News Rain Nigeria reports that this lead to the appointment of Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd), OFR as Director-General of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

Since he assumed office months ago, he has flushed out those illegal activities within the youths and drug dealer’s sponsors.

Another landmark after he resumed office was the breaking jinx of thirty-two years which is the establishment of NDLEA Barracks Nationwide.

During a recent meeting at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, the NDLEA boss, Buba Marwa, said the FG has endorsed the construction of barracks for workers of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and their families across the country.


A Look At How NDLEA Boss, Buba Marwa Repositions Nigeria Images


The NDLEA boss noted that the building of barracks for the agency staff had become imperative to protect them and their families from criminals involved in drug trafficking.

“I raised the issue of barracks. The NDLEA has been in existence for 32 years. All other agencies, Armed Forces, Police, Customs, Immigration, Road Safety, all have estates, and barracks, except the NDLEA; we still don’t have barracks.

“And now, considering the hazardous nature of the work that we do, the danger in it, we arrest and jail the criminals and then live amongst them,” Mr Marwa said.

According to the NDLEA boss, he said of all the issues discussed, Mr. President was more interested in the construction of barracks for NDLEA operatives.

He said the agency got a positive response from Mr. President and is looking forward to the execution as soon as it is practicable.

Mr Marwa said he also requested for youthful recruitment of more personnel into the NDLEA.

“Another thing we talked about was the issue of recruitment, considering the size and responsibilities before us.”

On their activities, Mr Marwa disclosed that the agency had seized illicit drugs worth over N100 billion, stating that the money recovered had been deposited with the Central bank of Nigeria.

He said the NDLEA had sought forfeiture of the drugs from the courts for destruction.

According to him, between January and September this year, 1,630 people involved in drug crimes were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment by the courts across the country.

“As far as activities in the drug supply reduction sphere are concerned, we have seized drugs worth billions of naira, over N100 billion.

“Those cash have been sent to the Central Bank and the actual drug themselves, we have sought forfeiture from the courts for destruction.

“Since January, we have jailed 1,630 of these shameless criminals and murderers who traffic drugs. We have counselled and rehabilitated over 4,000 within our NDLEA facilities,” he said.

Without being immodest, Buba Marwa deserves more accolades.

Though, danger of writing a tribute to any high profile personality in Nigeria today is obvious: the writer runs the risk of being misrepresented as a political praise singer, or at times, time and tide can cast him as a bootlicker, especially, if the subject of his adulation suffers a reversal of fortune, materially or reputation-wise.

But with Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd), OFR, you can safely write a eulogy, because you can be sure that ten years later, his stock will remain bullish.

Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa (Retd), OFR is an enigma of Nigeria leader who lots of people should emulate.

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