A Look At All You Need To Know About NYSC Anthem Composer, Late Oluwole Adetiran

A Look At All You Need To Know About Late NYSC Anthem Composer, Oluwole Adetiran

The name Dr. Oluwole Adetiran may not quickly ring a bell, especially in the ears of young corps members and those who served in the last three decades.

Adetiran has been credited with composing the evergreen anthem of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

The Nysc anthem is one of the sacred things in the National Youth Service corps that is really respected and given utmost importance by the corpers and even the military men.

The anthem is one of the wake-up calls that is usually played to wake corps members up from sleep, it’s also the last thing that is sung before going back to the hostel to sleep.

A Look At All You Need To Know About NYSC Anthem Composer, Late Oluwole Adetiran

The Anthem is very respected before any activity can commence, the national anthem of the Nysc is always sung and after the activity, the anthem is sung again.

However, most corpers don’t know how the National Anthem came to exist or who composed it. The Nysc Anthem was composed by Reverend Oluwole Adetiran.

Below Is All You Should Know About NYSC Anthem Composer, Late Oluwole Adetiran

Reverend Oluwole Adetiran, the man who composed the Nysc National Anthem was then a Youth Corper who served in Polytechnic Ibadan in 1984.

He hails from Igbajo and started his education at igbajo before moving to Ibadan. He joined the choir at First Baptist Church, idi Ikan, Ibadan.

He later joined Baptist Church at Army Barracks Road Parish. The historical man studied Musicologist and graduated from the University of NSUKKA.

He served at the polytechnic of Ibadan where he composed the Nysc National Anthem. He established the first department of music tech which he directed for 11 years.

He also became the first lecturer to become a senior principal lecturer in the music department. He is also the first lecturer to become a Dean of the faculty of 8 Department at Polytechnic of Ibadan.

He is the first and currently the music director of Celestial Church of Christ, worldwide.

He composed the anthem and it was generally accepted by Nigeria.

He reportedly suffered from hypertension, diabetes, and prostate cancer which he has been battling since 2018.


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