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Celebration TV Threatens Alkan Air With $2m Suit Over Repair Scam



Celebration TV Threatens Alkan Air With $2m Suit Over Repair Scam

A Cairo-based aircraft maintenance facility, Alkan Air, is in the eye of the storm, as the facility is currently being threatened with a two million dollar suit by Celebration TV, owners of a Hawker aircraft who accused it of attempting to fraudulently take over the private aircraft three years after it was taken for repair.

According to investigation, the Hawker jet in 2020 was taken to Alkan Air for repair with a signed agreement that the plane would be fixed in six months. But, shockingly, we gathered, nearly three years after, Alkan Air has refused and neglected to execute its own part of the bargain despite that Celebration TV had paid the charges demanded for the maintenance running into several thousands of dollars.

According to report, while investigating further, a mail sent to Celebration TV by Alkan officials surfacesd suggesting that some interested buyers were willing to purchase the Hawker aircraft for a fee from which Celebration TV would be entitled to a commission, thereby capitalizing on the fact that if the Hawker is not repaired, it cannot be flown back to Nigeria as a result of restrictive international aviation regulations.


Celebration TV Threatens Alkan Air With $2m Suit Over Repair Scam


There was also a mail mandating Celebration TV to pay parking costs from January 2023. Yet, the jet has not been fixed let alone a certificate of release produced to the owner.

However, the Celebration TV promoter was said to have snubbed the idea, insisting that the jet be fixed and all overdue items be added at the company’s cost and released to the owner or Alkan Air should be ready to meet them in court of law.

Sources revealed that the promoter of Celebration TV, a prominent Nigerian renowned for his no-nonsense disposition and commitment to fight for justice at all cost, has vowed to do a legal battle with Alkan and he has reportedly begun plans to institute a two million dollars case against Alkan Air, while he also vowed to even drag the matter before the International Court of Arbitration in London, if necessary.

And given what was gathered from people close to the Celebration TV promoter, Alkan Air had better be ready for a long fight because he is renowned for doing legal battles with governments and institutions in Nigeria.


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