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See Video As Eedris Abdulkareem Drags Pastor Adeboye, Tinubu, Others In New Song ‘Emi Lokan’



See Video As Eedris Abdulkareem Drags Pastor Adeboye, Tinubu, Others In New Song ‘Emi Lokan’

Popular Nigerian musician, Eedris Abdulkareem has called out Pastor Adeboye, President Tinubu, ex-President Buhari, former Goodluck Jonathan, and Emefiele in his new song, ‘Emi Lokan’

Eedris in the song claims that “Emi Lokan,” which translates to “It is my turn,” has now become “Ebi Lokan,” or “It is hunger’s turn,” as Nigerians struggle with hunger.

He said, “Emi lokan don turn ebi lokan Yorubas are screaming “’ebi panwao ooo” Hausa’s are shouting, Igbo brothers are saying ‘Hin no concern us’’ Food has turned to Gold, and kidnapping is now the order of the day when father, mother, and children are kidnapped, how would they afford random, it will resort to killing ‘Even foods don turn to gold in Nigeria, Kidnapping lucrative business in Nigeria, How common man wan get money for ransom When they kidnap him, wife and children,

After everything na kill them go kill them..‘’


See Video As Eedris Abdulkareem Drags Pastor Adeboye, Tinubu, Others In New Song ‘Emi Lokan’


Speaking further, Eedris criticized the lavish expenditures of the politicians, listing out enormous sums spent on renovations, allowances, and maintenance, contrasting it with the severe hunger faced by ordinary Nigerians.

He emphasized that if it was the political class that was kidnapped, all soldiers would be over the place.

He said, ‘’Imagine say na your grandchildren they are kidnapping By now your soldiers for don scatter Nigeria See as naira dey fall against dollar, Emi lokan don turn to ebi lokan And you say make we sacrifice for Nigeria’’

Speaking on the huge sums used in renovation, feeding dogs, traveling allowance, maniacal government facilities he said; ‘’7 billion to renovate your residence, 15 billion for your traveling allowance for you and the vice president, 40 billion for aso rock maintenance

5 billion for food and refreshments 100 of millions for dogs meanwhile hunger dey kill Nigerians.’’

Eedris went further to call out the general overseas of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) for not speaking at this moment of hunger in the nation, unlike his outburst during the Jonathan administration.

Eedris urged the pastor to mobilize protests against the current government.

He said, ‘’Where our daddy Pastor Adeboye, during Goodluck Jonathan, your voice was so loud, You even vow to stage 1 million match,

hunger and hardship under Tinubu govt you say Nigeria get spiritual problem Baba we need your 1 million disciples to protest against Tinubu govt just the way you protest against Jonathan Daddy abi leg don dey pain your disciples, This na very big hypocrisy, Its time for you to speak the truth to power because hunger wants to kill Nigerians.‘’

Eedris criticized the current government for blaming past administrations, noting that each regime has continued to worsen the situation.

He emphasizes that Tinubu, as the former APC party leader, should have addressed Buhari’s shortcomings instead of bringing him to power.

He condemned Emefiele’s financial decisions under Buhari’s government, particularly the printing of 23 trillion naira, and questioned the promises made regarding the refineries, suggesting that Nigerians are now dependent on Dangote’s refinery.

Eedris highlighted the removal of fuel subsidies and the resultant spike in fuel prices, pointing out the disparity between the political elite’s wealth and the common man’s struggles.

He said, ‘’Tinubu govt blam Buhari, Buhari govt blame Jonathan Hunger dey people they die This one don pass Jagajaga Emilokan oti di ebi lokan’’ ‘’Tinubu was APC party leader bring Buhari regime, Why did’nt you help Buhari solve the problem, Debt under Buhari 77trillion, no proof of any transformation, Unborn children na them go pay for this evil ‘’ You know Buhari was incompetent, and you still bring am to destroy Nigeria, Padi padi govt now you are the president Since Buhari don destroy Nigeria I hope you go fit bring am back’’ ‘’Emefiele printed 23trillion within 8 years under Buhari govt , 6 million dollars for election observers, They say somebody forged Buhari’s signature, na lie Buhari signed that document

Whey our refineries you na promise to fix, Abi na dangote refinery we go they depend on’’ ‘’How much you na don make from the removal of subsidy Since you na don dey sell fuel for 600 naira per liter People they sell their properties to feed their families,

Meanwhile you and your crew they buy more properties Shoutout to the Labour chairman, you na weldon if the govt say they no fit pay 65k, Then make them pay senate and reps 65k Make all of us they enjoy the suffering and smiling

What you give is what you deserve’’

He praised the Labour chairman’s efforts and suggested that if the government cannot pay workers 65,000 naira, then senators and representatives should also be paid the same amount to share in the suffering.

See video below;