YAF Frawns At New Yoruba Nation, Stage Peaceful Protest

YAF Frawns At New Yoruba Nation, Stage Peaceful Protest
Yoruba Appraisal Forum has staged a peaceful rally in Ibadan.
News Rain gathered that Yoruba Appraisal Forum (YAF) had on Tuesday in a well-staged peaceful rally in Ibadan condemned the action of some Yoruba Elders calling for an Odua Nation.
Some of the protesters who gathered at the Total Garden Roundabout proceeded in their peaceful protest to Government Secretariat Agodi Ibadan.
The protesters were seen carrying various placards inscriptions which stated as thus:  “We are not in 1967-1979, “Don’t Allow Another Civil War, “Succession will give us war”,  “Don’t Turn Our Greenland To War Zone,  We Say No To Succession, We Are Not In Support Of Succession, among others.

Why YAF Staged Peaceful Protest

The group, in a statement that was issued and signed by its national coordinator, Adeshina Animashaun, called on the Governor Seyi Makinde and other major stakeholders in South-West Nigeria to rise up to the challenge that some of Yoruba elders are about to create for the region.
Mr. Animashaun noted that the Yoruba Appraisal Forum wants to emphatically state that the most vociferous of these disparate and the so-called Yoruba self-determination groups are known as the Yoruba World Congress (YWC), which claims to be the umbrella body amorphous groups, whose aims and objectives are patently suspect.
“The YWC President General, Prof. Banji Akintoye, in a press statement, had disclosed that the membership of the Yoruba-speaking nation of UNPO was contained in a letter addressed to him through the YWC coordinator for Europe by the UNPO Secretary-General, Ralph Bunches.
“Your Excellency, the antics and body language of the YWC are enough to clear indications of the sinister plans by some of these so-called Yoruba self-determination groups and their leaders like Prof. Akintoye, to lead their innocent and unsuspecting people to secede from Nigeria.
“Those people by their nefarious and unpatriotic activities bent on bringing hardship and disaster to the peace-loving people of the South West.
Animashaun noted that with Amotekun under the control of YWC are planning to sustain unprovoked attacks and intensify the provocation of other Nigerians, especially Northerners, in the pursuit of their selfish and devilish aim of seceding and dismembering Nigeria.
The Publicity Relation Officer of the group, Comrade Oloketuyi Ojo said, we are all gathered here to say that we are not in support of any group that is clamoring for the succession of Yoruba from Nigeria.
Ojo said we cannot be part of anything that our traditional rulers are not part of, we have even confirmed that our Governor’s in the Southwest are not part of it, it’s a treasonable act, which is punishable under the law.
In his response to the protesters, the Executive Assistant to Governor Makinde on Security Matter Sunday Odukoya said he commended the protesters for making their protest a peaceful one, he said “I commend you for this peaceful protest, for you have demonstrated your grievance on a peaceful note, and now that you have expressed your yourselves in peace, I can assure you that I will deliver all your messages to the Governor.
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