Revealed! Gov. Makinde Approves N78.4M For Data Collection, Analysis And Purchase Of Cars For Judges

Oyo State government has approved the purchase of ten official cars for its judges, and also awarded the sum of N78.4M for data collection and analysis.

The approval was made known yesterday Tuesday, 1st, September 2020,  shortly after the 23rd State Executive Council Meeting that was held at the Government Secretariat Agodi Ibadan.

Briefing the journalists at the Governor’s Office Press Center, the State Hon. Commissioner for Justice and the Attorney General Prof. Oyewo said that  “As part of requirements for appointing judges, they are supposed to be given official vehicles”.

He noted that “the last appointment that was done under the last administration couldn’t meet all the requirements, so what the current administration has resolved to do is to meet the requirements for those whose car provision is outstanding.

“We are at the process of appointing new judges, in the first instance, we are making provisions before the judges are appointed as part of the requirement of the National Judicial Council (NJC) and also for the chief judge and the President Customary Court of Appeal.”

Oyewo also stated that “The exco observed that the magistrate and the President of the grade A customary court are also yet to be provided since the last appointment.

Prof. Oyewo, however, promised that in the next batch of the provision of official vehicles, their needs would be met, in total, we are making provision for ten official vehicles to meet the outstanding judicial officers and the new judges including the president customary court of Appeal and the Chief Judge.”

Similarly, in another development, the State has announced the approval of the sum of N78.4M for the data collection and analysis of some areas in the State that are experiencing epileptic power supply.

The Hon. Commissioner for Energy and Minerals Resources, Hon. Seun Ashamu noted that it’s important to the government to have adequate data of the areas that are experiencing epileptic power supply so as to provide them with adequate power facilities.

He said the gesture is in line with the four cardinal projects of the current administration in making life better for the residents of the State through adequate good quality free education, good health care service delivery, adequate security, and economic prosperity for the State.

Hon. Ashamu also noted that the data collection and analysis have been awarded to the consortium that comprises a number of firms, we have awarded the sum of N78.4million for the Protogy Global Power System for the prior of two months, so that we can create adequate power facilities for the entire citizens of the State.

The Hon. Commissioner for Energy also stated that the State is thinking of having a State own power generating plant that will be generating power for the entire State.

He stated further that, the state should have their own power plant that will be generating power for the use of the State, and after our visibility studies, we have awarded the contract to Messrs. Tumblers And Associates for the prior of twelve months.

The Energy Commissioner maintained that the state government needs to have wide data on the total energy requirements, availability, and as well as how to penetrate to achieve energy security and maintain a clear trajectory as contained in the State policy.

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