Subsidy Is Scam, Buhari Should Not Use It As An Excuse For Hike In Price Of Petrol-JAF

Coalition Of Civil Society Charge Labour Congress On Nationwide Strike Over Hike In Petrol And Electricity Tarrif
Joint Action Front (JAF), Oyo State Chapter on Wednesday called on the Federal Government to reverse its decision on the hike in the price of some essential commodities.
JAF in a jointly held Press Briefing at it’s State Headquarters in American Quarters, Ibadan the Capital City of Oyo State, stressed the need for the Federal Government to reverse its decision on the hike in the pump price of petrol, the electricity tariff, and Vat,  described the action of the Federal Government as will wicked and anti-people, which shows that Buhari led administration is extremely insensitive to the pain and agony of Nigerians.
The Joint Action Front encompasses the Labour and Civil Society Coalition,(LASCO) Nigeria Labour Congress, ( NLC), Trade Union Congress,(TUC), amongst others.
Addressing Journalists at the briefing, Comrade Rasheedat Adesina, the National Assistant Secretary of the Joint Action Front said “there’s nothing like petroleum subsidy, the subsidy is a scam,  President Buhari has also said it before he became a President in 2011, and he even said the subsidy is a fraud that is aimed to enrich just a few people of Nigerian at the expenses of all Nigerians.
Comrade Rasheedat also noted that ” President Buhari should not use subsidy removal as an excuse for the hike in the price of petrol.
She further disclosed that” if the government refused to reverse its decision on the increment of the petrol and other essential commodities, JAF will embark on a protest nationwide which may last as long as a year, depending on the Federal Government stand.
In its rationale for fighting back, JAF said people need to wake up, voice out, to prevent the unforeseen worsen living conditions.
JAF in a communique signed by its State Coordinator Comrade Ademola Aremu and the Secretary Comrade Abbey Trotsky noted that the current administration has brought nothing to the masses than suffering. JAF noted that it’s during this government that bag of the most consumed foodstuff Rice is selling at the rate of N27, 000.
“The exchange rate has been subjected to technical devaluation, different taxes had been imposed on the working people, even at this period of COVID-19, when the leaders of the rest the World are thinking about some palliative packages that will make life easier for their people.
“Coming power in 2015, President Buhari never promised to increase the economic burden which mass of the working people groan under the discredited Jonathan PDP led administration.”
However, JAF in its demand asked the Federal Government to reverse the hike in the price of petrol, electricity tariff, VAT at least to pre 2016 prices, which means that the pump price of petrol should be reverse to N87 per liter.
JAF also said that the Federal Government needs to repair all our old public refineries and construction of building new ones under democratic control and management of the working people. The Federal Government should put an end to the various policies like deregulation, privatization while the oil and power must be re-nationalized under democratic control.
The briefing was attended by the State Chairman of ASSU University of Ibadan Wing, Comrade Prof. Ayo Akinwole, the National Secretary of JAF, Comrade Rasheedat Adesina, Oyo State Chairman of NLC, Comrade Kayode Olusegun Martin’s, Comrade Abiodun Bamgboye Secretary Oyo State JAF, among others.
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