Revealed! See Danger Of Eating Cow Lungs In Abia State

Abia State Government has warned against eating cow lungs, says it has discovered bovine tuberculosis diseased in Aba and therefore advised Abians to stop eating cow lungs

The state Commissioner for Agriculture, Ikechi Mgboji, who disclosed this on Tuesday, explained that avoiding the consumption of cow lungs would stop residents from contracting the disease.

Mgboji said that the disease causes a general state of illness that makes infected persons cough and eventually die.

He said, “Part of our work in this ministry is that any cow offered for public consumption is usually examined by veterinary doctors.

“About two weeks ago, two of such cows, when killed, were found to have bovine tuberculosis. There is no way to detect a cow with such a disease unless it is either killed or tested.

“So, we decided to alert people who eat beef to stop eating the lungs of cows for now. But they may eat the flesh.”

Notably, Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) is a chronic disease of animals caused by a bacteria called
Mycobacterium Bovis, (M.bovis) is closely related to the bacteria that cause human
and avian tuberculosis. This disease can affect practically all mammals, causing a general
state of illness, coughing, and eventual death.

The name Tuberculosis comes from the nodules, called‘tubercles’, which form in the
lymph nodes of affected animals.
Until the 1920s when control measures began in developed countries, it was one of the
major diseases of domestic animals throughout the world. Today TB remains an important
disease of cattle, wild animals, and is a significant zoonosis (a disease of animals which
can also infect humans).
TB is a disease listed in the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Terrestrial Animal
Health Code, and must be reported to the OIE as detailed in the OIE Terrestrial Animal
Health Code.

It is also good to note that cow lung which is a carrier of the dreaded disease is used in various cuisines. Foods of different delicacies are made from the animal part. Assorted pepper soup, stew, various vegetable soups among others are different Nigerian delicacies that can be made with cow lungs as a source of meat sauce and spice.

Also, internationally, it has varieties of formations. In Peru, it is known as bofe. In Indonesia, Nasi kuning can be made with cow lung. Paru Goreng is fried cow lung Padang food. It is a type of offal. Peruvian chanfanita is made with bofe (cow lung) diced and cooked with diced potatoes with an aji pancasauce.

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