Popular Actress Reveals She’s Still Searching, Disclose Her Kind of Man

Popular Actress Reveals She's Still Searching, Disclose Her Kind of Man

Shirley Igwe has revealed what she wants in a man.

News Rain gathered this in a recent interview where the popular actress spoke about herself and different issues in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

She, however, makes a striking revelation when the interviewer asked questions concerning her current marital status.

Shirley Igwe Speaks About Her Kind Of Man.

The Imo State-born screen diva practically revealed her kind of man, adding that marrying an actor is no big deal. And according to her, she has never suffered any heartbreak.
In her own words: “Heartbreak? No, nothing like that. I just want to say that I am still as single as ever. So, I hope it sinks.”

In speaking about her kind of man, she said: “Oh yeah, maybe I’m selective (laughs). I want a man that would worship God with me. You must know how to make money or have made money and know-how to multiply money. Also, you must be a good person and be good looking.”

Speaking further, Igwe explained the importance of love, s3x, and money in a woman’s life.

“All three are important in a woman’s life, and men inclusive. So, I don’t think they should be compared. Love gives you a reason to live; love begets s3x and money is needed to live. But money has an upper hand in a relationship.

With money, you can experience a good life together, and build stronger bonds.” She said

On dating or marrying a colleague in the entertainment industry, the actress has no problem with it as she said: “As it is in the world today, no one knows tomorrow.


It’s an uncertain world, so anything can happen. You can find love, s3x, and money anywhere and recognize that that’s your happy place, (if it happens) please hold on to it.”

Shirley Igwe is popular for her roles in movies like “Based on the principle” produced in 2017, and “Mercy The Bus Driver” produced in 2012.

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