NLC Under Attack Over Suspended Nationwide Strike

NLC Under Attack Over Suspended Nationwide Strike

Nigeria Labour Congress has come under attack for suspending the planned nationwide strike.

News Rain gathered that the labor union has received the wrath of the people for shelving the strike over the increase in petrol and electricity tariff.

NLC Suspended Nationwide Strike

NLC and TUC agreed to suspend the strike on Monday morning after meeting with the federal government representatives.

The new agreement, according to the Minister of Labour and Employment (State) Festus Keyamo involves the suspension of the new electricity tariff hike for two weeks.

However, the agreement has received reactions and criticisms from Nigerians on social media, some of them accused the NLC leaders of not being in support of the masses.

Below are some comments gathered by News Rain from social media, especially Twitter:

@MFarees “Federal Government orders the halt in the electricity hike so that labor would suspend the strike, but ASUU has been on strike for almost 6 months now, and the FG ain’t saying nothing about it, because education is not their business, only Labour strike could affect them.”

@AdekolaDammy “NLC and TUC and those that went into that agreement to suspend the strike are enemies of the masses. Is the strike only about electricity tariff? We will surely by fuel for N200/litreWhy deregulate when refineries are not working? No wonder, we never believed in Labour.”

@AliyuAbumalik1 “The toothless Nigeria Labour Congress has decided to suspend the strike after striking a deceitful and insalubrious agreement with the Nigerian Government. And this is the beginning of the end for the masses in Nigeria.”

@SimplyOmoniyi “U have said it several times, we don’t have a labor union anymore. This is the worst set of labor leaders we have. They are only interested in cashing out and clout chasing. Paschal Bafyau and Adams Oshiomole remain the best labor leaders this country even had. What a pity.”

@Martmekus “Labour is not serious yet. So they didn’t demand a cut on salaries, emoluments & allowance of political leaders? No cut on no of aides? They didn’t demand a stop to the subsidizing of political leaders in terms of us paying for rent, food, fuel, etc. No, we are not ready.”

@Iamkaypable “Are we striking because of the hike or we are striking because we are tired of everything wrong with this administration? We have insecurity, injustice, the police reform bill, the Kalo Kalo, and tinini-tanana economy modules. Labour is a shame in this country!”

@Hizzo9 “The current Labour chairman na Big Fool, I’ve always known. He’s also a tool for this government, How can you claim to be on the side of the masses and suspend the strike because 2 weeks mumu cruise. I give up abeg.”

@Tolu_ene “Something has happened behind the curtains, either NLC was threatened, or they were bribed!”

@Michael997 “Organized labor has just failed woefully. Nothing tangible was agreed, and why was the government Representatives not led by the president? @WabbaAyuba you have played and rubbished again by this insincere government or has something changed hands? I’m just asking sha.”
@Super_Spotter “Labour suspends strike after reaching an agreement with FG overnight! No surprises. My own is, of all the demands, FG only suspended the increase in electricity tariffs for 2 weeks. Nothing said about petrol. NLC didn’t even talk about the prolonged AsUU strike! We’re not ready.”

@Premadonnaviv “Two weeks reversal of electricity tariff hike isn’t enough to suspend the strike. We all know that the ‘palliatives’ the FG is offering is bullshit. What about fuel prices? Most areas don’t even have stable electricity, we almost always rely on fuel for everything.”

It will be recalled that NLC for some days has remained adamant that nothing could stop the nationwide strike except the federal government yield to their request.

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