How To Flirt With A Girl And Easily Win Her Over

Knowing how to flirt with women is perhaps the most indispensable skill that a man can have when it comes to getting girls to like you


News Rain Nigeria recalls that good flirting skills take some practice, but eventually, you will get better at it. There is some helpful advice on how to flirt with women, and all you need is to apply it in practice.

Approaching the lady that caught your eyes is the most challenging part, yet it is much better to go for it than wait and wonder what could have been. Building up some courage to ignite a conversation is important, and from then, you can follow the beneficial tips on how to flirt with a woman.

How To Flirt With A Girl And Easily Win Her Over


Below are some ways to flirt with a lady that you like that would be useful in winning her over.

1. Approach her

Although it can be anxiety-inducing, you just have to switch off your mind that is telling you why you should not talk to her, and do it. It would be best to make eye contact and give her a pleasant smile before walking in her direction. If she reciprocates, it is a good sign.

If the girl is clearly not interested, being pushy will not help – it is most likely not personal, and you can always find someone else to talk to.

2. Give her a compliment

Be genuine and tell her something nice about her. Ladies like hearing kind things about themselves; however, you should make sure that you are not coming off as creepy. It is recommended not to use pickup lines or boring compliments such as “you are beautiful”, and come up with something more creative.

3. Make her laugh

A casual, relaxed conversation will make two people more likely to bond. This is why making her laugh is integral to getting her to like you. You can tease her playfully, experiment with jokes, and just roll with the moment.

4. Initiate touches

The touches should not be invasive, but rather a light tap on her shoulder and arm which will help her feel closer to you. Make sure it does not feel too forced. Otherwise, she would probably feel weirded out. The best touches are the most natural ones regarding the situation. Of course, if she does not like to be touched, you should respect her wishes.

5. Keep the conversation going

It is important to develop conversational skills not to let them die down. There are some things you can do if you feel like there is not much left to talk about. You can ask questions about her and show your interest, share stories about yourself, or ask follow-up questions to something she says. Be the most confident version of yourself, and have fun seeing where it goes.

6. Ask for her number

If everything went well and the girl seems to be interested in you, then you can ask for her number now. It is recommended to politely say that you enjoyed the conversation, tell her that you need her number before you go, and smile at her as you leave.

This formula works better than just asking for her number because you show confidence and assertiveness. You can also do it in a humorous way.  In case you are feeling optimistic about this girl, you can reach out to her over text.


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