Edo Charles hosts Top Nigerian Comedians In Dallas, Texas

Edo Charles hosts Top Nigerian Comedians In Dallas, Texas

The Nigerian entertainment industry has gone beyond its local recognition. It has become a phenomenon as the industry is attracting new talents and the older talents are still prominently involved in producing masterpieces both at home and abroad.



However, one of the funniest comedians and the pioneer of gospel comedy, Edo Charles has been a famous Nigerian comedian in the US for his comedy.

His recent show was sold out one week before the show because of the A-list of Nigerian entertainment superstars who proudly graced the show.

The stand-up comedian, named Charles Edobor popular known as “ Edo Charles “ amid his contemporaries gains recognition again as one of the best comedians and Nigerians to organize a comedy show in Dallas, Texas.


Edo Charles hosts Top Nigerian Comedians In Dallas, Texas


The show was recorded to be sold out a week before the show that was tagged “ Edo Charles Enter D Lafta “efore.

The awe-inspiring show was held at Grand Center, Plano Texas, on 26 September 2021.

It was well organized with notable Nigerian comedians, artists, and top-notch DJs who thrilled the audience with their superlative performance.

It was captivating with different comedy spots; pointing out to give the audience a memorable and well-intrigued moment.

News Rain Nigeria recalls that when it comes to comedy shows in Dallas, Edo Charles has the place to entertain his audience with his humorous style that makes them astound.

He is the master of his own craft by delivering a soothing comedy.

Edo Charles is a multifaceted comedian. He also grew up in Nigeria and native of Edo state and he is passionate about the entertainment industry.

He is a business lover that is why he is supporting African businesses in Diaspora.

Therefore, he is arguably the pioneer of Gospel comedy because of his enthusiasm for church.

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