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BBNaija Ex-Housemate Sheggz In Multi-million Naira Endorsements Fraud



BBNaija Ex-Housemate Sheggz In Multi-million Naira Endorsements Fraud

BBNaija’s Ex-Housemate, Segun Olusemo popularly known as Sheggz is in an alleged multi-million naira endorsement fraud.

Sheggz is usually referred to was among the last Big Brother Naija housemate who was evicted during the BBNaija season 7 edition.

It was gathered that Sheggz after the BBNaija show got an endorsement deal propose to be in 1 million naira value and a meeting was scheduled where the necessary documents were signed and sealed.

Unfortunately, after the meeting, Sheggz allegedly called the brand operations leader, Chukwuemeka Chukwuma Kema pleading for him to cover his ass by sending another 1 million into his account because he needed to use it to deceive his manager that the worth of the deal was 2million but promised to refund immediately that same day.


BBNaija Ex-Housemate Sheggz In Multi-million Naira Endorsements Fraud


Meanwhile, due to the meeting he had with the brand manager, the manager decided to give him the benefit of doubt but on the condition that the money will not exceed that day which he obliged.

In his words, Chukwuemeka Chukwuma Kema said “Be wary of dealing with Mr Segun “Sheggz” Olusemo @sheggzolu. My very bitter experience working with Sheggz so others don’t fall into the same mess that has threatened to destroy my startup & mental health.

Mr. Olusemo is a sociopath, a manipulator, a serial liar, an extortioner, a dishonorable person & the worst thing that can happen to a young startup. Details can be found in the quoted thread above. As one who has a top lawyer as an investor, I’ve been extremely circumspect.”

“I had put up that thread earlier to warn the public & openly ask for a refund as his team was being unresponsive, but his team appealed that I take it down & also have my concerned friends who helped share the PSA also take down their tweets, promising that Mr. Olusemo would behave better going forward with N500k of the N1.5M refunded.

Sadly, things have become worse since then leading me to conclude that Mr. Olusemo & his team are not sincere in their vow to turn a new leaf, I have therefore taken it as my responsibility to warn other unsuspecting members of the public about Mr Olusemo’s despicable ways.

I would have to go back to the police to inform them that he failed to keep his promise to refund N1.5M on July 10th. Instead, possibly because Mr. Olusemo doesn’t tell them the truth (as he is wont to doing), Mr. Olusemo’s team has engaged in intimidation tactics to try to silence them, with one who claims to be a representative of Mr. Olusemo’s father threatening to illegally weaponize the @PoliceNG to “lock me up” and ultimately calling me a mad man for warning the public (resulting in his getting blocked on Whatsapp).

Mr. Olusemo & his team have engaged in a strange, sustained campaign to make me think I am mad. It’d be hilarious if it weren’t so depressing given that my startup is slowly dying daily due to this needlessly protracted issue.

All I have said is that Mr. Olusemo should return the money paid to him, & for that, I am a “madman” to be arrested. These are the people.”

He also mentioned the role of Nigerian police saying “The people that give a bad name to the patriotic & hardworking men & women of the @PoliceNG doing the thankless job of maintaining law & order essential for society to function. And I don’t say this because my late dad was a policeman.

So from illegal detention threats to threats to sue me for defamation & whatnot by Mr Olusemo’s lawyer, Barr. Adebayo Ademiluyi (who seems a decent counsel but is allowing Mr. Olusemo to mislead him into taking steps that make him look like a quack). Mr. Olusegun’s proclivity for telling needless lies at them.

The centre of the disdain with which his team considers me & the contempt my own team has for him. He most recently lied to his dad’s rep that he never agreed to return that N1M same day.

Days later, he would go on to repeat the lie to me, & even worse, tell me that he doesn’t “give a f***” that the relationship I had with the person that loaned me N1M (& who could vouch for me to the tune of N100M) suffered a major downgrade as a direct result of his fraudulent action.

The most mean thing anyone could say to me, & confirming that he was never sincerely remorseful for his actions that day, thereby fully matching the textbook definition of a sociopath (as can be seen in the screenshot below).

It is for this reason, alongside myriad others, that my team has repeatedly asked that we cancel plans to have him as a partner on the project.

Can’t blame them; no startup in this world can ever have any shot at success with a partner that behaves as patently toxic as Mr Olusemo.

This is why I felt the need to make this public announcement in the interest of members of the public who wish to do business with Mr. Olusemo (especially with a view to gaining customers).

Partnering with Mr. Olusemo (fondly known as “Big Sheggz” by his teeming fans) is no doubt a veritable means to grow a venture, but he has got character problems (which he himself can’t seem to help), & so caution should *NEVER* be thrown to the wind (do very thorough due diligence), lest they end up in the same deadly poisoned chalice situation as my poor startup.” He concluded.

When TheCommentNG contacted Sheggz to respond to the allegations leveled against him, he responded through his lawyer, Barrister Adebayo Ademiluyi, he said “There is nothing to publish here. The story allegedly presented to you is misleading and defamatory. Yes, there was an endorsement deal.

However, Mr Olusemo DID NOT borrow any money from anybody talk less of failing to pay it back.

The matter has already been reported to the police. Kindly be guided accordingly. Have a good weekend

Source: TheCommentNG 


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