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Video Of Moment Man Sets Himself On Fire Over High Cost Of Living



Video Of Moment Man Sets Himself On Fire Over High Cost Of Living

An unidentified man set himself on fire on Thursday, August 17, in Mombasa allegedly to protest the harsh economic challenges facing millions of Kenyans.

A video emerged online showing the man standing on top of a concrete block near a petrol station around Mwembe Tayari in Mombasa, setting himself on fire while bystanders watched and others recorded.

The rising cost of living amid a business slowdown and job cuts has pushed millions of Kenya into despair.

The man was incensed by locals who claimed that he was setting himself on fire because he had stolen some goods.


Video Of Moment Man Sets Himself On Fire Over High Cost Of Living

In the video, the man was seen pouring liquid suspected to be a flammable substance on his body before lighting himself.

As onlookers tried to stop him, begging him to reconsider his decision, some assured him that all would be well.

A police officer based in Mombasa confirmed that the man had indeed set himself on fire.

“We have already rushed him to Coast General Hospital where he is receiving treatment,” he stated, adding that police officers were yet to question him on what prompted him to take the drastic action.

In a recorded video, the man was heard complaining that the 2022 presidential poll was bungled, stressing that his preferred candidate was rigged out.

Nonetheless, the man fell short of explaining how the outcome of the poll was connected to setting himself on fire.

The cost of living is an emotive issue in Kenya. Most Kenyans lamenting online have complained that it is increasingly getting harder to afford basic items.

The rise in the cost of living has primarily been linked to surging fuel prices, persistent drought conditions, and the depreciation of the Shilling.

Before this incident, Kenyans have previously taken to the streets to protest against the high cost of living.

See video below;


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