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Realtormax International Holds First Urban Max Site Inspection



Realtormax International Holds First Urban Max Site Inspection

Realtormax is a Real Estate company with a special focus on transparency, quality service, and affordability.

The purpose is to help people realize their aspirations for the pride of ownership, comfort, security, and wealth through the provision of excellent homes and the will to provide homes for all classes of society.

The core value is built on consistent Quality Services to clients and subscribers; developing our talents and achieving high-quality standards; making decisions and helping grow the business; and unity in purpose and sharing ideas to achieve a common goal.

The company has over 4000 acres of land in its Estates cut across three developing Real Estate areas in the suburban areas, to be developed into an Estate with affordability status for low and medium-income earners.


Realtormax International Holds First Urban Max Site Inspection



Buyers, prospective buyers, and Real estate marketers visited Urban Max site at Obafe in Obafemi Owode Local Government area of Ogun state to see for themselves what’s in the offing.

Urban Max is situated on a massive hectare of land and it’s up for grabs for a very affordable price.

Speaking at the site inspection, Dr Michael the CEO of Realtormax said that land allocation will begin in December.

According to him, Proper Documentation of land spaces is already activated.

Continuing, Dr Michael highlighted the beautiful road network at Urbanmax, saying it’s already attracting investors and industries to the area.

Urban Max estate will boast a massive gate at the entrance, working CCTV to boost security in the estate.

Per plot at Urban Max goes for 400, 000 while half a plot goes for 250,000 at the moment.

Dr Michael noted that by January, 2024 Infrastructural project will begin and it will expand and expose the area.

A 12-month timeline has been set aside for the infrastructural developments of Urban Max after which it will be habitable for the purpose of building and living or siting of businesses.

Urban Max estate will definitely boast of resorts, Schools, Supermarkets, sporting and recreational centers.


RealtorMAX International is a luxury real estate investment and construction company. We redefine the realty industry with innovative ideas in our architectural designs and bring dream homes to life. Our service caters to those who dream of having the best out of life.

At RealtorMAX we believe luxury living should never be a privilege, it should be a necessity. We stand tall in the industry to make our clients’ dream homes a reality.

We pay attention to details from the foundation to the finishing and we also transform ordinary homes to technology-driven homes.

We strategically sort out the best and world-renowned leaders in architecture – that give our brand the masterpiece that matches your dreams.

To us, at RealtorMax our clients’ happiness and dreams are our utmost priority before profit. RealtorMAX International also provides the opportunity to become a freelance Realtor with access to the company brand name including substantial and rewarding incentives.

We offer the right opportunities for all those who want to invest in the real estate market in Africa and we are committed to facilitating financial inclusion for everyone who desires to explore real estate investment no matter their level of income.

RealtorMax is the go-to real estate company for making your home ownership dream a reality


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