EXCLUSIVE: Yomi Fash-Lanso Finally Breaks Silence About Playing Mute Role In Citation

EXCLUSIVE: Yomi Fash-Lanso Finally Breaks Silence About Playing Mute Role In Citation

Yomi Fash-Lanso is not a new face in Nollywood. When it comes to acting he is never a pushover. The veteran actor has more than 100 films to his credit.

The multiple award-winning actor recently pulled a new string with his role in the just-released Kunle Afolayan’s Citation where he played a mute role. In this interview, Fash-Lanso spoke exclusively with New Rain Nigeria about his role in the new movie.


How Will You Rate The Movie- Citation?

I’ll score the movie citation EXCELLENT (emphasizing). The time, energy, expertise, experience, and money put into it manifest greatly.

What Is The Experience Like On The Set?

Been on the set of any of Kunle Afolayan’s movies always gives me the reason to love filmmaking much more. And as an actor and not a professional colleague on the set of Citation opens another chapter because of the producer’s tenacity in breaking frontiers and barriers; vis-a-vis camera equipment, casts and location.

It’s indeed an awesome experience for me to be part of the stellar cast of the movie citation.

What New Things Did You Learn From The Movie?

For me as an actor, nothing NEW (emphasizing) but that the producer is always ready to break new ground is my joy. Such producers with a resolution to come out with something good or nothing would always have my vote any day.

You Didn’t Speak In The Movie, How was It Convenient For You To Play And Interprete The Role?

It’s a KNOWN (emphasizing) professional teaching in the theatre world that the best actors are the DEAF AND DUMB. (emphasizing) Why? You may ask. It is because they communicate and pass messages without a word. And that my brother is very very TASKING (emphasizing).

I later learned many actors did turn down the role because the character doesn’t have any lines. ( laughing ). Even for a full-length story, I’ll accept such a role again and again.
I’m always working more on actions and reactions, gesticulations, and body movements alongside speech and voice training.

How Did You See Your Relationship With Every One On Set?

It was warm and very cordial. It’s a common practice for good actors on a film set to bring any gap seen or unseen in other to make the production shoot smoothly and hitch-free. Me, Jimmy Jean Louis, and Adjetey Anang though really bonded more than the rest actors because of our pan-Africanism ideas and understanding.

Altogether it was an awesome relationship with everyone on the set of Citation, from the producer/director to the casts to the professional crews up to the background actors. We made a formidable team on that film set.

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