Infidelity Saga: Oritsefemi Reacts To Wife’s Infidelity Outburst

Oritsefemi Has Finally Reacted To His Wife’s Infidelity Outburst.



News Rain Nigeria reports that popular Nigerian singer, Oritse Femi, has denied sleeping with a strange woman in his matrimonial home as alleged by his wife.

This was gathered after his wife, Nabila Fash, took to her social media account yesterday to lament bitterly about a strange woman who came to her house to have sex whenever she goes to work.

Oritsefemi Reacts To Wife’s Infidelity Outburst

She wrote; “Whoever the imbecile is that came to my house while I was away at work to have sex, you need to identify yourself. It was shocking news when it was posted a few months back, but now I can confirm. On a Monday morning, when people are out to look for daily bread some people, it is sex that is their problem.”

Nabila Fash further went to her Instagram story to vent. She wrote, “Women it is not wrong to love! It is not wrong to give a second chance! It is not wrong to want to protect your home/marriage! What is wrong is to continue to be a fool and not know your worth,” she wrote.

Reacting to her post, Oritse Femi, vowed that he didn’t have sex with anyone revealing that if he truly did, he’d die untimely.

“If I ever had sex yesterday with anybody lets me die untimely. I am leaving in peace bye”

The singer also addressed a lengthy post by his former manager, Kara, who alleged that she spent her money to promote him but she was never compensated. Kara further claimed that the singer left her stranded in Europe.

Responding to his former manager’s allegation, the Double Wahala singer said, “Just leave Kara, I don’t want to have anything to do with her, she is my ex-manager, so I don’t want to talk about her.

There is no point addressing Kara because I saw all the things she wrote and I can’t find one good point in it. She said that I left her in Europe. Is she not a citizen? Till now she is still abroad and that is where she resides.

So what is she talking about? I am a Nigerian citizen and when I was done in Europe I came back to Nigeria and she stayed back because that is where she is based. So what did I do wrong?”


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