WARNING! Stop Cooking Your Meat With These Ingredients, They Can Kill You

It is no doubt that sometimes, we eat carelessly, not minding the damage the wrong things we eat can cause us.




Kindly note that if you always eat outside, especially in a local canteen, you should be very careful of the food you eat, as some of the foods in those canteens are wrongly cooked and some of the ingredients used in preparing canteen food can cause you deadly disease that may cut lives short.

I have found people using dangerous stuff in preparing their meal, these kinds of stuff can cause them serious health conditions and make them suffer for a lifetime if they are not careful. It preferable you prepare your meal at home and cook your foods with healthy ingredients.


WARNING! Stop Cooking Your Meat With These Ingredients, They Can Kill You


In cooking meat, some people use ingredients and kinds of stuff that are not favorable to our health. They believe that the use of these ingredients makes the food cook faster and reduces the cooking time and saves fuel.


People who use these ingredients claim that potassium salts and acetaminophen tablets can tenderize meat and beans faster, reduce cooking time and save fuel.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some reasons why you should stop using these ingredients in preparing your meal, as using them can damage your kidneys and liver or causing a more serious health condition. You should be careful of these two ingredients:

1. Potash

Potassium is cytotoxic ( any substance having a specific toxic effect on certain cells) to kidney tissue. People who consume too much potash are at a double risk of kidney problems because these ingredients cause serious damages to the kidney tissues and lead to certain kidney diseases. If you love your life and want to live longer than expected you should stop adding this ingredient in your food when and after cooking.


2. Paracetamol

Many people use these two substances to cook their meal not knowing the risk involved. Paracetamol in cooking your meal is very dangerous to health. This makes it lose its medical functions like pain-relieving, controlling our feverish condition and headache, boiling it lose the functions and becomes hazardous to our health.

Many medical organizations have warned against the use of drugs in cooking because of its dangerous effect. Potassium and acetaminophen produce toxic chemicals when cooked and these chemicals can damage our liver and kidneys, causing us serious life-threatening health problems.

Having damaged kidneys disrupt normal bodily functions and leads to death. This because the damaged kidney stops excreting waste making these wastes store in your body. This cause can cause increased glucose in your blood which leads to diabetes. This can also lead to increase amino acids in the body which leads to protein digestion.

Knowing about these things will help you in making a better choice of foods. And as you avoid eating foods that are not favourable to your body system, you are also reducing the risk of many deadly diseases and your chances of living a longer life will be increased.

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