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VIDEO: Primate Ayodele Warns, Says ‘’My Football Prophecies Are Not For Betting’’



A Look At The Never-Ending Consistency Of Primate Ayodele’s Prophetic Prowess

The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has clarified that his prophecies on football matches are not for betting and commercial purposes.

He made this statement in a video shared on his church’s social media pages in reaction to the high influx of punters on his page using his prophecies on football matches to place bets.

Most especially his latest prophecy on Manchester City VS Bournemouth match which went viral two days ago before the match was played yesterday, social media was abuzz when the video was shared and when the prophecy came to pass.

Primate Ayodele while speaking today appreciated those who have been watching his videos but clarified that his prophecies on football matches are not his personal decisions or by his power but inspiration drawn from God.

He explained that God was the reason behind the prophecy and due to that, he wasn’t looking for glorification for accurately foretelling the outcome of a football match.


VIDEO: Primate Ayodele Warns, Says ‘’My Football Prophecies Are Not For Betting’’


The prophet also cautioned those who have messaged him privately to request for scores of football matches, He made it known that his prophecies are not commercial and such requests will not be granted.

‘‘I want to thank everyone who believes so much in us, I appreciate your comments and messages, thank you so much. Recently for some weeks, not by our power or purposely or by our decision but as God would want it, we gave messages to the world regarding football matches because God is everywhere; he is interested in every aspect of man, He is omnipotent but one way or the other, people began to interpret and mismanage it.’’

‘’I want to state that we are not doing anything for betting, we are not making any football prophecy for our personal gain or for you to give me tithe. I am just doing what God wants and if God says stop, I will stop. I don’t want to be like Jonah that refused to deliver God’s message; if God says I should talk, I will.

‘’I want to caution everyone to stop requesting football match scores from me. I won’t jump into it because I am not doing it for commercial purposes. The media also takes it beyond proportion. This is not the way we want it to go. If God says we should continue, we will and if he says stop, I will stop.’’.

‘’Thank you for always watching our videos, we are not desperate for anything. Whatever we are doing, we don’t want to do it against the will of God. Thank you and I wish you a pleasant week.’’

see video below;

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