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Photos: Celebrating Dr Siju Iluyomade Glamorously @60



Photos: Celebrating Dr Siju Iluyomade Glamorously @60

Beautiful, elegant, and amazing are some of the apt words to best describe the brainy and pretty Siju Iluyomade the convener of Arise Women and the lovely wife of Pastor Idowu Iluyomade, the senior pastor of RCCG, City of David.

She forever remains a style icon of our time. The beautiful woman added another feather to her cap on Monday, 8th January 2024 when she clocked the diamond age of 60years.

Dr Siju as she’s fondly called will be celebrated glamorously on Sunday, February 18th 2024, first with a special service at the Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG, City of David, and Eko Hotel and Suites Lagos by prominent Nigerians across all divides.

At 60, life surely begins for this lovely mother of 3. When you meet her, you will be humble by her softness and great humility with which she relates with you, very accommodating and generous to a fault.

She is living her life to the fullest being a woman who loves to see another woman rise. Siju Iluyomade’s style has always set the pace for many young women and she is always a party delight any day any time.


Photos: Celebrating Dr Siju Iluyomade Glamorously @60

She wears expensive and luxury pieces from the best designers around the world and one of her most priceless possessions is her jewelry which are high-end precious stones. Any outfit she wears sits well on her.

Have you ever met Pastor Siju? She is the deity behind the redeemed Pastor, Idowu Iluyomade. Even if you don’t know her, one thing will strike you about her when you meet her, her sense of style and love for luxury things. She cuts the attention of a pretty but quiet wife of a pastor except for her mode of dressing which speaks for her anywhere she goes and her project, Arise Women.

The woman who will turn 60 in a few days surely knows what is good for her. Her 50th birthday, 10 years ago was celebrated amidst pomp and pageantry and one of the highlights of the birthday was when she flew in Don Moen to perform specially for the occasion.

Let’s take you into Pastor Siju’s world, she has become a force to reckon with within Nigeria. She is the one in charge of women in her region. Her life centres on God, her husband and her children. She is someone who rarely attends social events except if it’s a close family shindig but when it comes to her church programmes or any Christian-related programmes, you will see her at the forefront.

Pastor Siju Iluyomade is a woman whom many love to be with, she always wants her private life to be kept within herself but her position, finesse, lifestyle and passion for women are what bring her to the limelight.

As a lover of fashion and good things, she stocks the most expensive luxury items in her wardrobe, she travels all around the world and has become a regular stocker of designers’ ranges which are limited editions from highbrow stores abroad.

Blessed with a lovely figure, the tall, robust woman has a lovely skin glow to go with it, she is always a head stunner at any events she attends adorning designer outfits, shoes and bags, especially her hair fascinators which do not come cheap.

When Siju attends events, photographers are always scampering to take her pictures because she rarely attends social events and when she does, then be sure she will be one of the best dressed at the event. From her head to toe, Siju oozes richness, from her, choice of outfit, and her fascinators, to her shoes and bag, you will know that she is living her life to the fullest.

Siju will pass for a runway queen because of the way she struts on the red carpet when she gets to any occasion. She walks majestically from her car to the venue of events and she is always conscious about her movement.

She is always a centre of attraction even in church and most members always want to have a glimpse of her every Sunday. Even members of the congregation looked up to her in terms of fashion as she always sets the pace for fashionable things.

Her birthday will still be talked about after it is held as it will be one in town.

Though a pastor’s wife, Siju is reputed for her expensive taste in accessories and clothes and has made a protégée of many of the women in her church who look up to her for the latest from fashion’s high streets.

Her congregation is also used to her adorning beautiful jewellery and top designers’ wear, and have evolved into role models to young worshippers who also want to attain similar heights on the ladder of high-street fashion. Simply called Sugar Baby by her husband, Sijuwade Olusola Asake Iluyomade nee Adejumo is one of the richest and most stylish pastor wives we have.

Not only are the Iluyomade’s powerful in the Redeemed Church, especially their parish in Lagos but they have over-increased the membership and followership of Christ through their humble beginnings as an RCCG Apapa Family and have fast gained many grounds amongst many parishes as their parish is where the beautiful, the powerful and rich worship.No wonder many term her as the Queen of fashion among pastors’ wives in Nigeria.

Happy Diamond Jubilee to the woman who has made many women entrepreneurs.