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Global Shame: Maureen Badejo’s 100,000 British Pounds Indebtedness To Dr & Mrs Olukoye Of MFM Has Now Made Her Officially Bankrupt In UK



Global Shame: Maureen Badejo’s 100,000 British Pounds Indebtedness To Dr & Mrs Olukoye Of MFM Has Now Made Her Officially Bankrupt In UK

By James Adekunle

It will be recalled that Dr and Mrs. Daniel Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, were awarded judgment for defamation in the High Court on 13th April 2021 and then on 22nd October 2021 were awarded £100,000 damages against Maureen Badejo.

It was shocking for us to find out through our investigation that Maureen Badejo has not paid any of the sums due from the £100,000 since October 22, 2021, till date at a time she offered 500 pounds per month which mfm lawyer found ridiculous.

We remembered that On March 7, 2023, Dr and Mrs. Olukoya commenced bankruptcy proceedings against Maureen Badejo for her inability and failure to pay the punitive Judgement debt of such humongous amount – £100,000. Not even the GoFundMe she initiated to raise money from her blind followers could rescue her out of such global shame.

Sometime on October 19, 2023, to be precise, court hearing in the bankruptcy proceedings was held, and Maureen Badejo personally appeared. Following this hearing and, in the very certainty that a court order for bankruptcy would be made against her, Maureen Badejo moved with swift and on October 29, 2023, she applied to the UK Government Insolvency Service to make herself bankrupt.

We found out that by October 31, 2023, her application for self-bankruptcy was granted by the UK government. In short, MAUREEN BADEJO IS NOW OFFICIALLY BANKRUPT IN THE UK and same has been duly registered against her in the UK system as a chronic DEBTOR. Find below the document to prove this


Bankruptcy is an extreme measure that can affect one’s life in several ways:

1 You may lose valuable possessions.
2 your bankruptcy will be made public by been published in the London gazette, and in the insolvency register, which is demeaning
3 Your bank account maybe closed, and in some case one maybe restricted from having a bank account, or allowed basic bank account just to enable you store and pay money without accessing overdraft, credits, or loans
You cannot be the director of a company
4 you will have bad credit records.
5 your passport maybe be impounded, which means your passport will be taken from you
Let us not forget that she offered to pay a paltry sum of 500 pounds every month, of which MFM lawyers felt was a ridiculous approach, hence turned down her offer.


What better way can you define a GLOBAL SHAME, than for a self-acclaimed godsent Blogger who threatened a true Prophet and Servant of God for years with shame, to now be the one to suffer the shame by declaring herself bankrupt in the middle of a bankruptcy case, just to avoid the true shame of being bankrupt by MFM.

This nefarious act is just to avoid payment of her huge debt to Dr and Mrs. Daniel Olukoya of MFM? It is worth pointing out that she is owing other institutions in the UK as published, but MFM is her largest creditor. Let other foolish “bloggers” learn from this.

FEMI OYEWALE – GOD will always stand for his own

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